The BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones Is Made For The Little Jedi

Children’s headphones need to be 3 things: fun to look at, comfortable to wear and safe to use. The first two, fun and comfort, is for the kids and the last one for the parents. But the best results come from all 3 being met. The BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones does this and then some for the little Jedi.

Designed for ages 3+, these headphones combine a striking white look with orange trim for a bright appearance. Adding to this are the Star Wars graphics — specifically those inspired by BB-8, the little rolling robot from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. That takes care of looks and guarantees little hands will hold out with “gimme” sounds, so lets get to the second of the needed things, comfort.

The BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones is made for children specifically, not just a shrinking down of adult headphones, and so fits well around their heads. This is facilitated through an adjustable headband and padded ear cushions — enveloping the child’s ear rather than trying to stick into the ear canal which could be the result of earbuds. The better seal of ear cups means a more dynamic sound, and being free of extraneous noise is more likely. For the kids, it means that what they’re hearing will be heard better and result in not needing a higher volume than would otherwise be the case (more on the volume in a bit).

Now how that sound gets to the little Jedi (via the headphones) comes courtesy of Bluetooth. This eliminates any cables, be that an inconvenience, possible danger or broken part (but there is a socket to accept an audio cable, which is included). A simple pairing is enabled to connect to a smartphone, tablet or laptop (or any Bluetooth compatible audio source device), and an adult only needs to take care of it once. The other built in technology is for the safety of the child listening: a volume limiter keeps the “loud” from happening.

Powering all this is a long lasting rechargeable battery. And saying “long” is not hyperbole, especially when a little Jedi is present who doesn’t take lightly (make that voicing objections loudly) should the power cut off while listening. So instead of 4 or even 10 hours, these headphones will maintain their strength (and a parents calm) for up to a full 18 hours.

The BB-8 Bluetooth Headphones includes a microphone for two-way voice and can be folded down for more compact storage and travel, retailing for $30.99.

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