Look and Listen Good with iHome’s 9” Double-sided Portable Vanity Speaker

Electronic devices don’t always make the best gifts — especially for a holiday like Mother’s Day — because they don’t translate well when it comes to being heartfelt and personal. The exception to the rule is iHome’s 9” Double-sided Portable Vanity Speaker, because this makeup mirror brings personal benefits that are good all year round.

The first thing to note before anything else is that the Vanity is not small, not flimsy because it’s fairly large in size — being 10.5 x 6.3 x 16.1 inches and a bit over 3 lbs. — which alludes to there being room for a good-sized audio speaker inside of it (more on that in a bit). Free standing, it’s designed so that the mirror can flip around: one side being a normal view (i.e., 1X) of the person looking into it, with the other side being 7X magnification for close up inspection. And of course both mirrors are distortion free.

Now the Vanity needs to provide its own light, and so it does — using LEDs that radiate a natural looking illumination that is non-harsh (and lacking the heat or glare of the old fashioned incandescent bulb), with two settings (Low/High). And of course the full spectrum of color is represented so what looks back from the mirror appears correct to the eye.

But the Vanity is not limited to visual use because it also takes audio into account. There’s a built-in Bluetooth speaker for wirelessly streaming music from a phone/tablet or any BT audio source within its 30 feet transmission range (an AUX input allows for corded audio transfer instead). So one’s favorite music can be a part of the morning ritual (or even weather reports or the dreaded traffic updates). Controls for the music are found on the mirror and are similar to those expected on a Bluetooth speaker. So it’s also no surprise that a hands-free speakerphone is also part of the mix. A series of embedded tabs at the bottom provide for hands-on control, including one to activate a voice assistant like Siri.

Also ready for use is a convenience feature — although now more of a necessity since the presence of a phone is ubiquitous these days. It is the USB charging port. This allows for charging a phone while the mirror is being used, and so doesn’t deplete the phone while it’s being used to provide the audio.

The 9” Double-sided Portable Vanity Speaker gives you the choice between using a wall outlet and its 4+ hour internal, rechargeable battery. So yes it’s portable enough (if hefty) to be moved from room to room without regards for where an electrical outlet might be. The retail is $149.99 for a gift that keeps giving all year round.

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