The Things Could Be Worse Calamityware Mugs Are All That

As a morning ritual, you can’t beat a cup of coffee or tea. For some it’s a jolt to wake up the system and for others an oasis of reflection amidst a growing storm of daily stress. So it’s no wonder that the attractiveness of porcelain makes a coffee cup stand out, even as it invites the user to raise it to their lips. And having a traditional blue willow paradise immediate view should soothe the soul. Except it can’t. As created by artist Don Moyer, the images may look peaceful and serene upon a fast, first glance, but a closer inspection reveals why the term “calamity” is inherent in these Things Could Be Worse Mugs.

Because these porcelain mugs (holding 12 ounces) feature imagery using the traditional in-glaze technique where the images are slightly melted into the surface (aping the fine porcelain seen in museums, got it?). That doesn’t explain the “calamity” until your mind starts registering what those images are.

So what are those images exactly? If you stick your face close enough to make out the individuals amongst the groupings, a dozen+ calamities, perils and pests will be revealed. Not fond of hairy fiends? Then switch your gaze to the sea monster or giant frog instead. Looking for something a bit more active? Then check out the pirates or the UFO. Of course there is a zombie poodle because…well, there always has to be a zombie, right? Just don’t tell that to the robot or complain to the pterodactyl. There’s also other suspicious animals and shrubs in this traditional blue-willow paradise scene gone horribly wrong (yep, that’s exactly what the makers say and yep they’re right to say it).

But since a person’s got to eat sometime — you can’t be caffeinated without a break — there’s also Calamityware dinner plates. And they’re just as pleasant to eat off of as drinking out of the mug is. These 10.5 inch in diameter plates have the same attractive blue-willow look and the same in-glaze method (at least that is for the most recent series, and since there’s a number of series, each series has different borders, images and sometimes different shades of blue compared to others). And of course the same attention to detail with imaging that only is off-putting if you’re normal: there’s a plague of frogs, a jogging Sasquatch, an active volcano and a horde of brain-eating zombie poodles, among others. Just pick up that fork and dig in. Each set of four retails for $150.00.

But getting back to the mugs, these Things Could Be Worse Mugs retail at $48.00 for a set of four, are food and dishwasher safe, microwave safe too, so their use isn’t restricted to any one time of day (or just coffee either). Just hopefully as a reminder that things aren’t that bad right now — they could be a whole lot worse.

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