Get Your Group Talk On With The BONX Grip

Being active means you’ve got something to DO! And if the activity includes other people, then sometimes it helps to be able to talk without having to swivel your head or scream. Especially if you need to concentrate on what’s going on around you. So wearing a headset makes sense, but if it’s uncomfortable and, worse of all, hard to use, who needs that? Which isn’t the case with the BONX Grip.

The Bonx Grip uses Bluetooth, so if you want it can be used conventionally for making/taking calls and listening to music. But its great strength is in its being a “group chat” communicator. What that means is that you can talk to up to 10 others (like you were holding the handset of a regular landline phone) without pressing any buttons or doing anything other than exercising your larynx. The “why” is simple — because you’re not just walking or sitting at home, but out and about, like climbing a rock face with a group or riding your bike on an open trail (or even just down the street). Or zooming on a motorcycle where speed means no-hands only, or even yeah skiing down a slope. So it’s about being active, doing thing that are so non-sedentary that the Bonx comes into its own. But yeah, if you’re into “walkie-talkie” dialoguing, you can directly use a control button. Or mute all the talk completely to go silent. The big thing is that Bonx is reacting to your voice, not all of the other audio junk out there.

What makes the BONX Grip workable in those active/extreme situations is not just because it’s durable and shock and water resistant. That’s all true, but being designed to stay put one it goes on your ear is a big deal: there’s different sized ear tips to choose from as well as the over-the-ear loop that grips the ear. Rechargeable for up to 6-7 hours of use before needing a USB power supply is more than reasonable, especially as it doesn’t exert itself unless you are actually talking. Plus altering the mic’s sensitivity is allowed. Meanwhile there’s built-in multi-layer wind minimization (fancy way of saying that the mic is designed to take being buffeted by wind into account while keeping the voice up front and center). Plus there’s digital noise reduction not just for you talking but for those talking to you. And the open-air design means that you’re not cut off from the ambient sounds that surround you. Car horn anyone?

Of course the BONX Grip can be used for a lot of other situations, for example an event where multiple people are working lights and sound, or a group playing Paintball, you get the idea. It’s tons better than using a phone because your hands are free to do stuff. And the negligible weight means you won’t have to be taking it out of a sore ear after a couple of minutes.

Now not having yet gotten into the “how” might make it seem that it’s hard to activate this headset. Nope. Just get out your smartphone and bring up the free app (iOS/Android). Create a “chat room” for lack of a better name and let others using their Bonx Grip join via the generated passcode. The end result is that now everyone can talk over each other — joking, good manners still apply but hands-on doesn’t. The distance between those talking doesn’t matter either — they can be right behind you or miles away. But a cellular connection is a must — otherwise what’s in your ear becomes a simple BT device if there is no signal. Sensibly though, the connection will re-connect automatically when the signal returns— a digital voice informs if the connection is becoming weak or lost or returning.

A nice metal tin is included for storing the BONX Grip, but owners are more likely to be wearing it than storing it. Meanwhile on the less utilitarian side, those looking for style will find that it comes in an assortment of colors: green, pink, grey or black. It retails is $139.95.

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