Give Your Nintendio Switch The myCharge PowerGame

The best part about the Nintendo Switch has arguably got to be its portability because you’re not confined to having to sit in front of a TV whenever you get the urge to play. Of course portability has a price — it means there has to be a battery to power the electronics and take the place of a plugged in electrical outlet. Now running off a battery is definitely good, because there’s no need for an electric plug while at the same time it’s kind of bad, because the power always seems to run out just when the gaming is starting to get good (running low on power in the middle of executing a complicated sequence really messes up the concentration). So maybe that’s why carrying around a battery charger at the same time also makes sense, although then your pocket is bulging or you’re forced to bring a backpack or some kind of bag along. But if you’re carrying myCharge’s PowerGame battery expansion pack, it makes for a lot more sense.

Because the PowerGame is designed to extend the Switch’s gaming life by up to 10 hours and doesn’t care that it won’t charge your phone. It doesn’t take the place of the Switch’s battery but supplements it by being that “electric plug.” Just attach it to the Switch’s back and it transfers over the needed juice to keep things going. And by “going” it does mean for a good number of hours as in up to 10, thank the 7000mAh battery capacity for that. But since needing an outlet is going to occur eventually, it’s great news that you can charge both the Switch and PowerGame simultaneously. That’s something everyone can appreciate.

Now if all this was the extent of what the PowerGame could do, it would be enough. But myCharge knows that you got to go a bit further. So they do. By building in a folding out kick stand and having an adjustable locking mechanism to keep the PowerGame from falling off the Switch. There’s even LED power indicators for those who just don’t trust battery chargers. Guess we should also mention that myCharge claims that their batteries are completely safe so as to remove another worry.

The myCharge PowerGame is small, unobtrusive and inexpensive. It retails for $49.99.

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