Crane USA’s Drop Humidifier Gets You Comfortable

Everyone complains about the humidity on a hot day, but what about there not being “enough” humidity? A humidifier serves a useful purpose because too-dry air encourages dry skin, dry hair, dry coughs — get the idea? Not to mention nose irritations and other respiratory ailments. So in other words it helps to maintain a healthy level of humidity (between 43/60 percent), especially in the room where you’ll be sleeping. With the main argument against using a humidifier being simplicity of use, Crane USA’s Drop Humidifier takes that out of the equation. And it looks cool to boot. Designed to deal with small/medium sized rooms up to 500 square feet, it comes in a variety of colors (blue/white, pink/white, green, pink, gray, black, orange, aqua) so it’s less likely to be jarring to look at. Just find a wall outlet to plug it into and you’re good to go.

So let’s start by factoring in the convenience aspects.

This humidifier may be shaped like a droplet of water, but obviously it’s a lot bigger than that — big enough to hold a water tank able to go for 24 hours at a stretch (LEDs affirming it’s ok to turn on), and constructed so as to be able to fit under most sinks for refilling. Since there’s no filter to clean, that’s one less thing to be concerned with too. And obviously there’s an auto shut off should the tank be empty. It’s far from noisy when operating — that alone makes it more likely to be used — and because of antimicrobial material in the base, the build-up of mold and bacteria is heavily minimized. Of course regular cleaning is necessary (duh) and so it’s recommended to daily empty out the water from the tank and base and let them dry before refilling. The monthly regiment consists of adding white vinegar to the tank and base and washing them out after a set time has occurred.

Now when it comes to control, there’s a dial to regulate the amount of misting being dispensed. Additionally, that misting being put out is cool, because there’s no heating element involved, just ultrasonics. This is considered safer for newborns/children (cool mist is recommended for relieving croup) and doesn’t hurt to have this for adults either. Also, obviously, a cool mist is safer for toe touching it (yes it’s being dispensed up into the air, but just about anyone nearby seeing it in operation will get the urge to run their hand up in the mist).

The Crane USA Drop Humidifier uses about as much energy as a common household light bulb and weighs about 5 pounds, so is not likely to tip over (especially with a full tank of water in its belly). Stand it it on a smooth surface or its optional stand, not on carpeting or a towel or on wood (since moisture is being released), so as to allow room below for its fans to vent. It retails for $54.99.

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