myCharge Portable Power Outlet

Battery powerpacks have become popular because of smartphones, but what use are they at home if you have a power failure, or need power when outdoors? That’s when you need the equivalent of a portable wall outlet, but few can enjoy the luxury of the cost of a generator or having to lug it around. So where do you turn to when you’re outside or when the electric grid’s gone dark? You turn to myCharge’s Portable Power Outlet , is what you do.

The Outlet might seem small — at 5.0 x 5.75 x 1.4 inches it’s barely bigger than two paperback books placed together — but inside it’s mighty with 20,000mAh of power (AC 110/65 watts). So no, not the puny amount that’s so common to find in a power bank. That much power means you can have an electric socket, not just USB ports, for powering a wide array of devices — for example, a cable modem or a box fan at home during a power outage. Or a lamp or even a 34″ LCD TV at a tailgate party or out camping. And not just one device at a time but several simultaneously.

So that outlet gives you access to a lot of conventional electronics, but then there’s also a USB-C outlet geared for laptops, among other uses. The final two outputs are both USB-A, so your smartphone doesn’t feel left out.

Nor does it expect you to approximate how much power it has left, because the small LCD panel is flanked by the power and AC switches (the power button doubles as a selection switch for turning the USB ports on/off while the other dedicated button does the same for the AC outlet). Simple intuitive graphics show the battery power as it’s being charged (via the included wall plug) or as it’s dispensing electricity.

Weighing in at barely over a pound, the Outlet is designed with portability in mind — none of this dainty handling. The rubberized finish gives you something to grip, rather than smooth, slick plastic, and it’s splash and dirt proof and able to handle being dropped without giving it all up (a rubber stopper covering the AC outlet when not in use while a similar but smaller on the other side closes up when the wall plug is no longer inserted) So it doesn’t care if it’s being used inside or at a party or the back of a truck or out in the mountains. And neither should you. Especially since the retail of the Portable Power Outlet is just $179.99.

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