Hitcase’s Shield LINK for iPhone X Knows Its Job

iPhone cases are now so plentiful as to be boring, so even if it’s for the iPhone X, there had better be more going on than just keeping out dirt. Hitcase’s Shield LINK for iPhone X doesn’t shirk when it hears this because it’s more than “just” an iPhone case.

Starting with the expected, the Shield LINK protects the phone against drops and is thoroughly waterproof (more on that in a bit). Its design is made with aluminum and so can maintain a light weight, while still encasing the X in a firm grip that makes its presence in the hand known through a clear back. Helped along by being so thin/transparent as to almost not seem to be there (but you know better). Especially when it’s time to put it in (or take it out) since you “peel” it from the top.

Getting back to waterproofing, there’s two screen protectors included: the standard one isn’t really a screen protector at all — it’s more of a bumper that adds a front protective barrier for the phone’s touch screen face. But should the weather be REALLY inclement, as in raining, where pulling out a phone from your pocket outside sounds stupid at best and horrific at wet worst, then you need the other screen’s protection. Because this one seals itself onto the iPhone X to create a waterproofing seal. Because here are times when the extra “oomph” of this waterproofing screen protector makes sense: examples in advance like hanging out by a pool or camping near a lake. And just as the case can take 10 feet of submersion (with the Lightning port closed by a plug), so too can it take 10 feet of diving to the ground due to its construction (you can even replace the front section if things have really gone south).

So now we see what’s different about this case. But there’s more. Good as the camera is, why not make it better by making the lens interchangeable? Okay, so you can’t do that but you CAN attach one of Hitcase’s magnetically attached TrueLux lenses (sold separately). These give you different perspectives that can make all the difference when shooting — and the ease of putting them on/taking them off the case means they’ll actually get used. Try the wide or super-wide or the macro and you’ll see what this means right away.

There’s also the Link Mount system — because special mounts (again sold separately) can be attached just as easily as the lenses magnetically for mounting to various surfaces, like your car for example.

The Hitcase Shield LINK for iPhone X comes in black and rose gold, gives you protection and safety for your iPhone X, adds lenses and mounting capabilities and manages to do it all without hiding the beauty of the phone. All this makes it well worth the $89.99 retail.

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