You Won’t Get Burned With The BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Travel Mug

Everyone loves coffee. Everyone loves to drink coffee. Everyone loves to burn their mouths on steaming hot coffee — wait, no they don’t! But when you put coffee into a travel mug so it can be taken around with you, either it’s going to be hot as heck when you start to drink it, or it’s going to be lukewarm because you waited too long to drink it. Either way that’s just no good. But since it’s coffee there has to be a solution. There is, and it’s called the Burnout Temperature Regulating Travel Mug.

Long in name but big in size — holding 16 ounces of the always needed caffeinated drink — coffee gets poured into it just like any other travel mug. But the heat being generated doesn’t behave like any thermos due to its construction. Which is actually rocket science because it was developed by a team of aerospace thermal engineers.

So instead of that immediate rush of extreme heat hitting your lips, just a few minutes wait is all that’s needed to do two things: bring the level of the heat down to manageable (i.e., drinkable) levels, and keep that “drinkable” heat level on tap for a couple of hours. Neither of which the normal thermos can do. This all happens because there’s a dual chamber/3 steel design and the inclusion of HeatZorb — a “phase change material” that goes from being a solid waxy substance to a liquid at designated temperatures. Which just so happens to be 140F. Through this technique, the hot liquid is forced down to a drinkable temperate and then stays there. If all this makes your head swim, relax. You don’t need to know how BURNOUT is doing what it’s doing, you just have to enjoy using it. Which you will, once you get over the realization that you don’t have to burn your mouth in order to not be drinking too hot coffee. Plus for those concerned, HeatZorb is an agricultural, USDA-certified bio based product. It’s non-petroleum, non toxic, readily biodegradable and 100% renewable. Nothing quite like good stuff working for you that is good for the environment as well. And just in case it wasn’t obvious, its use in a microwave is a no-no — “pre-heating” or “pre-cooling” with appropriate temperature water prior to use is part of the procedure and for sure it’s ok to use the dishwasher.

The BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Travel Mug isn’t about just keeping coffee (or tea, fyi) hot — it’s about making it drinkable and keeping it drinkable. That’s even more impressive than how the top releases a hatch for drinking, its black/red coloring or $99.00 retail price.

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