3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Birth Specialist

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English: Medical ultrasound examination of a pregnant woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a pregnant woman juggling many concerns, you need to make choices that are compatible with your work or home setup. This is to ensure that you will have the kind of birth experience you want. Below are three important things to consider when choosing a birth specialist:

1 – Location

Consider a doctor or birth attendant whom you can easily reach from your residence or workplace. Remember that as you go through three terms of pregnancy, you will be having frequent checkups. Choosing someone close to work or home will be convenient for you.

2 – Health Care Benefits

Ask your health insurance provider for a list of approved doctors or healthcare facilities. If you are employed, get information about pregnancy benefits such as maternity leave and birth expenses (for vaginal birth and Caesarean birth). You may want to consider a birth specialist accredited by your insurance provider to get the maximum benefits.

3 – Professional Fees

The fees of doctors and midwives vary so you may want to get additional information and referrals from family, friends or colleagues who have already gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Do not hesitate to ask the birth specialist outright how much consultations and childbirth will cost. They are always willing to discuss finances with their clients and can easily make arrangements.

What other important things do you consider when choosing a birth specialist? Feel free to share tips.

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