3 Short Eats You Have To Try In Sri Lanka

If you have a soft spot for Sri Lankan food, you are not a timid eater. The dominant flavours of the Sri Lankan cuisine startle the senses – the sour pickles and caramalised onions present in the fiery curry, all leave a lingering sensation like no other. Most will agree that the Sri Lankan food is unapologetically powerful as well as flavourful.

For a quicker bite, there are ‘short eats’ – the Sri Lankan snacks. Short eats are most commonly eaten for breakfast or as evening snacks, but are available anytime throughout the day. If you find yourself in Colombo, there’s only one place to start — Galle Face Green. The urban park present admidst the busy city is actually a mix of a park and a beach. It also serves as a go-to spot for Sri Lanka’s delectable short eats. These on-the-go snacks, which are not only delicious but also cheap, have become a vital part of the Sri Lankan diet – you’ll be parting with a few pennies rather than pounds!

Read on to know more about the short eats that you should try on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Isso Vadei

Isso vadei is one of those short eats you must have a taste of, whether from one of the food vendor carts on the street or an order-in from your room in Wellawatte. The snack is a popular after-work option. They are actually spicy lentil cakes with prawns mixed in. You’ll soon come to realise that the peculiar nuclear orange snack is strangely addictive!


Whether you’re living in one of the best hotels in Kimbissa, Colombo or Kandy, make sure to get your hands on this snack. Hoppers are served in a pancake bowl with either eggs in the morning or curries in the evening. You’re free to team the dish with sambols or chutneys of your choice, that will add to the rich flavours. The ratio of how crispy the pancake is to how gooey the filling is a debate as old as time.

Saravita and Coconuts

In Sri Lanka, you’ll find coconuts everywhere you go. The freshest ones are piled on the side of the road, all sourced from the countryside. Saravita is a short eat made from shredded coconuts wrapped up in a betel leaf. The luminious coloured street-desert looks like a childhood treat and is one you should not miss.

Numerous delicacies await you in land of serendipity – whichever treat you decide to devour, your mouth is sure to rejoice with happiness.

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