3 Ways To Eat More Raw Food

It is becoming more recognised that eating more raw whole plant foods is beneficial. Raw fruits and vegetables are full of nutrition, assist in digestion, help prevent illness and contribute to overall good health. Here are a few ways to help you add more fruit to your diet:

Carry Raw Food With You – It’s hard to find raw food easily when you are out, especially at reasonable prices. The best way to always have raw food on hand to eat, is to carry it with you always. Keep a few apples with you, take carrot sticks for snacks or pack a home made orange juice for work. Another good option is to keep dried fruit in your bag for an immediate snack . It doesn’t perish easily so you can keep it in your bag in for a long time.

Freeze Your Fruit – Sometimes it can be hard to reliably have fresh ripe fruit to eat, while at other times when fruit is in season you can have much more fruit than you can use. The way to make use of these times of abundance is to freeze any excess that you have. The best way to do this is to chop or puree the fruit and store it in portions in the freezer. Fruits that work particularly well preserved this way include mangoes, berries and bananas. You can use the fruit as dessert toppings, for making sorbets and ice cream and added to cereal.

Have Something Raw at Every Meal – If you want to eat more raw food it’s about consistently adding raw items to your meals and snacks. It can be surprising to realise how little raw food you eat in the course of a day. Consider the usual meals that you eat and see how you can incorporate some raw items. Can you add some fruit to your morning cereal or have a fruit smoothie for breakfast? Maybe have a salad with your lunch or dinner or include some raw vegetables into your daily snacks.

Eating more raw food is very possible, it just requires some prior planning and a little creativity.

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