A 30-year Grudge because They Weren’t Invited?

Can you imagine someone holding a 30-year grudge because they weren’t invited to a wedding? They never stopped to think that maybe they were blaming the wrong person. It’s really sad for them, but not because they weren’t invited. It isn’t healthy to harbor ill feelings against anyone for three decades straight. On the other hand, it goes to show how easily people get bent out of shape. This person has assumed for three decades that I was the reason they weren’t invited to my wedding, but that wasn’t the case. I was the easiest person to blame. 

I Didn’t Decide Who Was and Wasn’t Invited

I was only 19 years old when I married the first time. I was barely an adult, and I didn’t pay for my wedding. I didn’t create the guest list. I didn’t decide who was invited and who ultimately wasn’t. At age 19 I couldn’t have paid for a wedding reception at McDonald’s let alone at a hall! What were these people thinking anyway? The fact is, they weren’t. It wasn’t my fault that kids weren’t included. I was a kid myself. I guess that didn’t matter.   

Kids Weren’t Invited Unless They Were in the Wedding Party

Because I was still very young, some of the guests were barely more than kids themselves, but my parents had to draw the line somewhere. They’re not well off by any means, but they paid for the total cost of my wedding. They were in charge of the guest list. After all, the one that pays makes the decisions. The only kids that were invited were those in the wedding party and their immediate family. That’s why it seemed like kids were invited, but they weren’t. There’s always at least one person that causes a big stink. Some showed up that weren’t invited. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. 

Holding a 30-year Grudge Because They Weren’t Invited to a Wedding is Ridiculous

Many wedding reception hosts don’t invite kids because of the added expense. Kids don’t usually care about weddings anyway. Why would they? A couple of adults that should have known better were the ones that were bent out of shape. It certainly isn’t a good reason for holding a grudge. It’s ugly behavior. I should be the angry one, but I’m not. Life is too short to behave that way. I’m sorry they were hurt, but I wasn’t to blame. They can think what they want. They will anyway.

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The person holding a 30-year grudge because they weren’t invited to a wedding has been blaming the wrong person for longer than that marriage lasted. Maybe knowing that the marriage ended would make them feel better. It ended more than 20 years ago. Isn’t that ironic? They were sorely misinformed and blamed the wrong person for being excluded, and they never stopped to consider any other possibilities.

Unfortunately, that’s how human beings are. They look for someone to blame. They were influenced by adults who should have made a better attempt to understand, but they blamed the wrong person. On looking back, my parents shouldn’t have invited anyone. It wouldn’t have made any difference. Someone would have blown a big stink either way. Someone always does, and the results would have been the same.  

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