5 Easy Steps for Choosing Mattress for Couples

One of the most important things that we need to do every day is sleeping. Sleep is not less important than food as it has a great role in our health, appearance, mood, daily performance etc. A proper sleep gives us a new and fresh body and mind at the start of the day which has a pretty deep impact on our lifestyle. So, having a sound sleep is really so important to everybody. And for having a good sleep, we need a good sleeping environment such as bed & mattress, lighting condition and bedroom preference.

When couples are going to start their new life, they need many new things. So, today, we’re here to help couples for finding the best mattress. Here are some easy steps that couples should look after when they’re going to buy new mattress for their new life. Take a glance at the article if you’re a new couple or if you need a new mattress.

1. Set Up A Budget:
Budget is a big deal for everyone especially for new couples for buying anything. So, before deciding to buy any product, it’s a good idea to set up a budget for that. There are a lot of mattresses available on the market and you may find mattress from $500 to $5000 generally. Couple generally need king size bed dimensions as they are two and a different person has different sleeping style.

So, set a budget according to your need and choice. Always keep budget higher than you buy.

2. Identify The Best Mattress Type:
Once you set up your budget, it’s time to select the mattress type. There are many kinds of mattress types are available on the market. Some of the common types of mattresses are-

Memory Foam Mattress: In memory foam mattress, high-density foam is used for both upholstery section and support system. This foam contours to the sleeper shape very closely, and that’s why memory foam mattress is on the top place of the choice list.

Pillow Top Mattress: Pillow top mattress has additional upholstery layer is placed and pillows are placed on the other side. Pillow top mattress’s layer is generally made with fiber or several foam types

Innerspring Mattress: The innerspring mattress is popular common. It uses a (sometimes several) steel coil support system. More coils give better support system. It has 2 layers of padding system.

Cloud Mattress: The cloud mattress is basically a luxurious mattress. Cloud mattress has cooling gel-infused memory foam along with the cloud memory foam which provides the best coziness.

Latex Mattress: In latex mattress, latex foam is used for supporting system. The latex foam’s materials are eco-friendly and this mattress is able to give you a gentle sleeping experience.

Hybrid Mattress: Hybrid mattress is a hi-tech mattress which uses coil support system along with one or two layers of foams (sometimes gel or other components). This mattress has advanced technology to provide you the best comfort!

Poly-Foam Mattress: Poly-foam mattress has commonly 3 foams layers, a 2” proprietary hyphen Comfort layer, another 2” secondary polyurethane buoyant transitional layer and a 6” durable polyurethane base support layer. The 3 layers are highly able to provide an extreme comfort.

Gel Mattress: Gel mattress is a new generation mattress which has a gel supporting base. This mattress is made with the advanced technology. The mattress has heat dissipation feature too which is highly adorable and effective.

Natural Fiber Mattress: The natural fiber mattress is an eco-friendly mattress which uses organic cotton that can last a long period. This mattress adds a great value to your bedroom.

Mattress for Couples

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3. Assess Your Sleeping Style:
When you want to buy a new mattress, your sleeping position plays a great role in it. Mainly, there are 3 sleeping positions that humans usually sleep- back, side and stomach. Each sleeping style has different role on choosing the mattress. Such as- side sleeper needs a mattress that is able to support shoulders and hips perfectly. The soft and firm mattress is perfect for them.

For back sleepers, 2-4 inches cushioning support based mattress is perfect because they need proper back support. And for the stomach sleepers, a highly conforming or pressure relieving mattress is the best because the stomach is important and you need to take a proper care while sleeping.

4. Mattress Size:
Mattress size is too important for people usually for couples. Generally, king size mattress dimensions are better for couples because they need a bigger bed, however. Basically, most of the mattresses come with a standard size. But you have various size options too. Let’s have a look at the sizes which may help you a lot before choosing one.

  • Twin (Kids): 38”x74” to 39”x75”
  • Twin XL/Long: 38”x80” or 39”x80”
  • Super Single: 48”x84”
  • Full (Double): 54”x75”
  • Full XL: 54”x80”
  • Queen: 60”x80”
  • California Queen: 60”x84”
  • King: 76”x80”
  • California King: 72”x84”

5. Explore, Make A Wish List & Revise:
After learning or researching about bed and mattress, you should go for an exploration. You may do it online or physically. If you do it online, then it’s okay, but if you do it physically on shops, then remember, do not make any commitment. Just check out some best mattresses and make a wish list for buying. While making a wish list, give priorities to your needs.

Check out a mattress and look for its pros and cons. Then see if it is eligible for filling up your requirements or not. If yes, then put it on your wish list and go for another. When you’ve done checking enough number of mattresses and put them into the wish list, it’s time to revise the list.

Revise the wish list in order to check the mattresses once again a find the one which is really suitable for filling up all your requirements. Now close up the list and go for buying the one that you’ve chosen.

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