5 Luxury Materials for Your Living Room Sofa Set

A sofa set is not just a piece of furniture you need for seating purposes. It is one thing which can take the look of your living room to an entirely new level. For a luxurious sofa set you need to pick a material that is right.

The type of furniture you use in your home says a lot about your taste and style. There is a whole lot of designer furniture available in delhi which you can pick as per your liking.

Sofa sets, beds, dining table sets are available online in India also.

However, if you are planning to buy a new sofa set, before visiting luxury furniture stores in Delhi consider the following luxurious materials that you can use to make it look luxurious.

A beautiful looking and plush sofa set can accentuate the entire look of your living room. However, if you choose the wrong type of materials which do not match your interiors, it would look completely wrong. There are many stores that offer designer furniture in Delhi but only a few give you the option to customise your sofa with luxury materials for its upholstery.

1) Linen: Linen is one of the most popular materials used in. It is rather soft and looks very classy. Linen is most often used in its purest form, as it is. However, there are different fabrics made by combining linen with others. There is linen cotton which consists of 50% of both the fabrics. It looks gracious and is long lasting as well. You can get it in different patterns and colours as per your choice.

2) Cotton: Cotton is an evergreen fabric which has high breath ability and very light. It can be moulded into different materials to take it a notch higher. Cotton does a great job on its own as well. It is skin-friendly and suits all weather conditions. Durability depends on how you use it, the combination with different materials.

3) Velvet: Velvet is a hot favourite with everyone. It is not just the class who go for it but even the masses love it. However, velvet also has a lot of variations. It can be plain and simple as it is in a lovely bright colour to make your sofa set stand out. Velvet can be crushed to give it a beautiful texture. The crushed look just takes the eyes off the velvety shine and balances the entire look. It is very durable and will last you for years. You can choose from various textures and patterns.

4) Corduroy: Do not think that corduroy will make your sofa rough. It is incredibly smooth and gives the sofa set a unique look. Corduroy needs to be used well and should be done well. If the fabric is made properly, corduroy can be just too luxurious. It is also available in different patterns and colours. However, don’t go for a bright corduroy as it will kill the look.

5) Leather: Leather is an all-time favorite and is available in various styles and textures. You have the pure leather and also a few variations of it. There are some which look rather luxurious while leather in its pure form also makes for a luxurious material. Availing the various types of leather depends on the maker and dealer. Everyone has their own variety.

Many shops that sell luxury furniture in India also sell materials for sofa set. You can choose the one that’s convenient to you. For a luxurious sofa set, all you need is the perfect material. Not all kinds of materials suit everybody’s living room. The colour of the walls and curtains make a difference.

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