5 Reasons Why MMA Is Better Than Boxing

MMA fans will not need much convincing, but a lot of boxing fans are still on the fence. However, with Floyd Mayweather Jnr on his way to retirement boxing fans know the sport is going to take a dive in popularity.

MMA is on a meteoric rise in viewership, it has been for years. Often referred to as the ‘fastest growing sport on the planet’ it has not reached it’s potential by far.

Here are just 5 reasons why MMA is better than boxing, and will continue to convert viewers over:

1.More Top Events and Title Fights

You can watch a stacked MMA card almost weekly. A lot of fans have complained about this being too much MMA, but you don’t have to watch every event. Simple.

2.Better Marketing

I am sorry to say this but boxing looks outdated nowadays. The marketing is poor and diluted, hard to follow who is promoting what event etc. The UFC run consistent TV shows, update videos and blogs daily and keep fans in the loop.

3.More Finishes to Fights

Fight fans want to be entertained, that means seeing fights come to a conclusion before they go to a decision. With more ways to win than a boxing match, MMA bout’s have a much higher chance of ending with a finish.

4.More Intimidating Fighters

Boxing may be the gentlemen’s sport, and MMA is a more rough and violent product. But that is what the fans want, and that is why its popularity is on the increase.

5.It’s a Real Fight

Something was missing from boxing, and when MMA came on the scene it became apparent. A lot of fans wanted to see a fight, not a boxing match. With an MMA bout taking the fight wherever it goes, standing, on the ground, and anywhere in-between, it resembles a fight much more than just punching with gloves on.

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