5 Tips for Planning Out Your Writing Week

Planning out your writing is important. In fact, it’s essential.

By planning everything out, you have an idea of the blog posts and articles you want to write and make sure you cover all your blogs, writing sites and private clients. I couldn’t do my job without my trusty diary and some forward planning.

Many writers wonder where to start? Just how do you go about planning your writing week without going overboard? Here are my five top tips to make sure you plan your week and don’t overbook yourself at the same time.

Plan Private Clients First

If you have private clients, it’s important to plan your week with them in mind first. Check deadlines and set yourself some personal deadlines to get their projects done. It’s worth planning out two week’s worth of private client work, just to make sure you have everything in place that you need to do.

Your own blogs and any revenue share sites will not be as important as your private clients, especially if you make a living with your writing. You need to meet your deadlines in order to get paid and get great testimonials, so more people hire you.

That being said, you still want to make time for your own blogs and revenue share sites. Once you’ve planned out your private clients’ deadlines, you can look at your blogs and sites and determine your posts for those sites.

Have a Blogging Schedule

Creating a schedule for your blogs is definitely worthwhile. I update certain blogs on certain days, and then factor in the revenue share sites.

This is great for when it comes to planning out my week. I know the blog I’m supposed to be working on before I get to that week in the diary, and then I can plan out a post for it in advance.

A schedule also means you’re committed to your blog. This makes it much easier to create a following and make money with residual income. It’s also better for clients, as they see you are dedicated to your craft.

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Think About Blogging Series

How do you come up with new topics on a weekly basis? One of my best tips is to think about a series. This makes planning out a writing week much easier; and means I can sometimes plan out a writing month!

With a series, you can give your followers and readers an idea of what is coming next. You’re able to answer their questions in detail, and that gives them a reason to share your posts on social media. Word of mouth is extremely powerful.

This could also be great for your private clients. Some will want a series of posts, rather than a range of one-off posts.

Pencil In Ideas

Overbooking yourself is a common rookie mistake. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there and made it.

I’ve found that I sometimes want to do more than my time is going to allow. Some days I’ll have more writing hours than others, because other things get in the way. My internet may go down, I may have more housework to get through or I may have appointments that I need to make. Being a work at home mom means I need to multitask.

While my clients never suffer, my own blogs and revenue share sites can. I can end up planning too much and then staying up at all hours to try and complete it. That’s not possible with a new baby in the house!

So, I pencil things in. My client work and stuff I know I need to complete is written in pencil. Anything that I would like to get to is then written in pencil. If I don’t get to it, I can rub it out and move it to another day. It usually gets put in pen in another week because it becomes something that has to be completed.

Set Out Your Breaks

Being a writer can often mean leaving little time for yourself. It’s easy to sit at the computer for hours at a time and wonder where the hours have gone. I still do it after years of writing!

It’s important to take breaks from the computer. When you’re planning out your writing week, make sure you set yourself time for your breaks. I like to have at least 20 minutes away from the computer for lunch and a five minute breaks every hour. By setting them in, you’re more likely to stick to them.

Are you planning your writing week? It’s time to take it seriously and make it successful. The above tips are ones that I’ve found really help me stick to my schedule and avoid overbooking myself.

Did you find these tips helpful? Please feel free to share them with your followers and help them plan their writing weeks.

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