5 Tips for Organizing Your Writing Desk

As a writer, I have a writing desk. It’s not actually in use right now due to a new baby but it is usually the place I go to stay on top of all my writing needs.

organize your writing desk

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Having an organized desk is essential. Without it, I’m not as productive and it can take time for me to get on with work. I’ve written about organizing home offices in the past, and I want to expand on some points and on the subject in general. Here are my 5 tips for getting your writing desk organized.

Have Daily Things in Arm’s Reach

All the items I use on a daily basis are always sitting on my desk. Some of them I’ll put in a drawer at the end of the night, but most of them I don’t bother because I’ll need them the next day anyway.

These items are a pen, my diary, my accounts book and a notepad for quickly scribbling down notes. There’s no need for anything else on my writing desk (except the computer!) but having these in arm’s reach means I’m not looking for something crucial to start my day.

Have a File for Paperwork

I’ll get bills through specifically for business. Some will be for home and business. Then there are other bits of paperwork that I’ll need to keep.

All my paperwork goes into a file just for my work stuff. Anything that is both personal and business will be photocopied and put in the file for both. All business receipts and any banking slips will also go into the file. When it comes to tax time, I just have to pull the file out and work it all out from there.

Computerize as Much as Possible

I still like having a paper diary and accounts book, but there are a lot of other tasks that I computerize instead. This

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helps to keep my writing desk organized.

If you don’t mind having it all computerized, go for it. You can even scan your receipts in and use them—talk to your accountant that this is ok for your country! That way you can get rid of all paperwork in your office.

Actually Put Things Away

It’s easy to leave things lying around the desk. This has happened with us recently, as the desk became a dumping ground while it is not in use.

This will make you an unproductive writer. It’s time to clear the desk and when something comes through, put it away right away. It doesn’t matter what it is! If you really need to leave it, do it right at the end of the day so you can start your next day off afresh.

Keep Your Desk Small

Last year, I downsized my desk. There were a few reasons for it, but it has certainly made me organize my writing desk better.

When you have space, you will think that you need to use it; and use it you will! When it’s small, you know you have limited room and you need to use it effectively. You’re more likely to put things away and create a filing system you can easily follow.

Organizing your writing desk is something you need to do today. I’ll be doing mine soon, as I move back to the computer rather than doing things from the laptop. You’ll be a more productive writer and find it easier to get to work.

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