7 Signs that Indicate You Need to See a Psychotherapist

Some social stigma still persists about seeing a psychotherapist, with many people still having the misconception that it involves paying a stranger a large sum of money to lie on a couch and talk about their childhood. Many people still believe that having therapy means you’re “crazy”. These are common myths that couldn’t be further from the truth. Psychotherapists don’t just help people with mental illness. They can work with you to help solve sources of your stress, so that you can function better, both at work and in your personal life.

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Here are seven signs that suggest you may benefit from seeing a psychotherapist:

1.) You feel everything strongly

We all have occasional feelings of intense anger, or overwhelming sadness, but we shouldn’t respond so strongly to everything that happens. If you find yourself becoming furious when something goes slightly awry (e.g. someone wanders into your path when you’re walking down the street, and causes you to stop), that’s a sign that you could benefit from some psychotherapy.

Another strong response that shows you may need therapy is catastrophizing (thinking the worst possible outcome will occur). If you frequently think the worst possible outcome will occur (e.g., if you get the flu, you will develop pneumonia and die), this is another sign that would benefit from psychotherapy to help you develop more healthy thought patterns.

2.) You have frequent physical symptoms

Headaches, stomach-aches, colds…If you’re suffering emotional stress or depression, you can find yourself suffering every illness going. Even unusual aches and pains and a lack of sex-drive could all be a sign of stress or depression. If trips to the doctor have found nothing, consider psychotherapy as a potential solution for your symptoms.

3.) You no longer enjoy the things you used to

Depression kills your enjoyment in activities that previously gave you pleasure. If you no longer derive pleasure from the hobbies you always enjoyed, it might be time to seek psychotherapy.

4.) You’re drinking more or using illegal drugs

Drinking more alcohol than usual or using illegal drugs are all signs that you are attempting to numb painful feelings. Psychotherapy will allow you to explore those feelings in a safe, therapeutic setting.

5.) Bad feedback at work

If you feel disinterested in your job, or your managers are reporting that they are getting negative feedback about you from customers, this could be a sign that you are suffering with emotional difficulties that could require psychotherapy.

6.) Relationship trouble

If your personal relationships have lost their sparkle and you feel that you can no longer communicate effectively with your partner, it might be time to seek psychotherapy. Anxiety and depression often affect our interpersonal relationships. Therapy can help you learn to communicate better, and help you and your loved ones learn to value each other more.

7.) Someone says: “I’m worried about you.”

Has a parent, friend, partner, or co-worker said that they’re worried about you? Do they ask if you’re feeling okay? If anyone close to you, especially someone who sees you frequently, asks you these questions, it might be time to seek therapy. The people closest to us can spot changes that we can’t, and we would be wise to listen to their concerns.

Remember, therapy isn’t a frightening process. Just view it as part of good-grooming, to be a healthier, happier you.

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