8 Steps To Help You Prepare for the College Application Process

If you’re in junior high school, this is the best time to prepare yourself for college admissions. You wouldn’t want to rush and be forced to choose a college course and campus at the last minute just because you forgot to prepare early. The decision you make in the coming year will play a significant role in your future career or status in the corporate industry (if that is your goal). 

Here are 8 things you can do during your junior high school year in preparation for college:

 1. Make a list of potential courses you intend to take and find out on which universities these courses are offered.

English: Brandeis University Admissions Buildi...

English: Brandeis University Admissions Building Interior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Find out the schedules of scholarship tests and prepare your portfolio. 

3. Take the PSAT/MSQT to see if you may qualify for scholarships. 

4. Start making short trips to different colleges and university campuses

5. Make a list of the faculty members you wish to write recommendation letters for you. 

6. Prepare for SATs through SAT reviewers online or through study groups. 

7. Practice writing an essay per day on various topics. 

8. Plan your senior year by listing goals you wish to achieve month by month.

 Remember, the final output of any endeavor greatly depends on the preparation. Plan early and start your preparations early.






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