5 Gorgeous Color Families for your Winter Wedding

One of the first steps in envisioning your big day is picking out the color palette. After all, your color choices will impact the printable wedding invitation kits you choose, the linens you incorporate, the décor you create, the wedding party attire and much more.

And, if you’re planning a winter wedding, you might be hunting for a winter color combination that fits with the season too.

Winter wedding colors

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Many color families and shades continue to be classic choices for this festive time of year, such as burgundy, navy, and other popular jewel tones. However, for those who aren’t afraid to venture outside tradition, there are several incredible and unique color palettes out there that work beautifully with the natural shades of the season.

In this article, we’ll lay out a few winning color combinations that you can take on or use as inspiration to create your own fresh color scheme idea.

Emerald wedding color scheme

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Emerald City: Emerald, Cream and Gold

If you’re planning a Christmas themed or Holiday inspired event, this blend of rich colors will brighten any banquet hall and bring out your guests holiday spirit.  Emerald is a bold, luxurious shade of green that stands out, but also blends seamlessly with the season.  Adding in shades of cream and gold as accents allow you to work in shimmery metallic to add a touch of glam to your design plan while balancing out the green with complimentary neutrals.

Emerald City Design Ideas

To really make these shades pop, consider using emerald as an accent shade for table decorations.  Cream linens, with subtle hints of gold in the place settings, followed by an emerald toned centerpiece create a sophisticated look that is easy to create and edit for your own unique flair.  Simple centerpieces could also use elements such as DIY gold-dipped feathers, leaves or pine cones placed in a glass vase and finished off with emerald ribbon.

Yellow and gray wedding color scheme

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Adelaide’s Warbler: Yellow, Gray and Silver

Looking for something truly out of the ordinary that still captures the winter spirit?

Get inspired by the gorgeous Adelaide’s Warbler bird. With complimentary tones of yellow, gray and silver, this color palette is the perfect blend of soothing and upbeat.

Gray and silver are naturally great winter tones that are often times paired with winter blues for that ‘winter wonderland’ feel. But swap the mellow blue for a bright canary yellow and you’ve instantly brightened up your décor, livening up the entire space.

Use a deep, darker gray as a base shade, then incorporating silver metallics to play down the dullness of gray and bring in reflective light. Then incorporate bright yellow to bring back color into a typically cloudy season.

Adelaide’s Warbler Design Ideas

For a more rock n roll touch, consider looking into DIY leather roses.  These creations make a great addition to a more alternative bouquet.  Create a few roses in varying gray and silver tones, and secure with a wrapped yellow ribbon to give off a hint of brightness.

Keep your budget in check by scouring local thrift shops for ornate vintage picture frames and vases, then spray paint them a shimmery silver to mask any unwanted colors or flaws. Fill the vases with fresh yellow floral arrangements and add your engagement photos to the frames for display at the reception.

Winter Pastels: Blush, Rose, Slate

For the couple looking for a slightly gentler touch of color on the big day, incorporating winter pastels is an elegant, romantic way to style your event.

Instead of the traditional, brighter pastels that we associate with spring, winter pastels are slightly more muted and gray based.  Dusty rose, beige-toned pinks and gray-toned blues are great additions to any winter color palette and blend effortlessly with so many other shades as they are closer to the neutral side of the color spectrum.

Winter Pastel Design Ideas

A great idea for spicing up DIY wedding invitations is to let the cream or white tones take center stage, while accenting them with more muted winter pastels.  Choose a silver foiled lettering to accent your pastels and make your messages pop.

Consider mixing a variety of cool toned pastel colors together, allowing each bridesmaid to wear a slightly different shade.

How to Settle on a Color Palette You’ll Love

No matter what, choose colors you are in love with. It’s important not to let the season box you in when selecting your color scheme and to allow yourself a little creative freedom and personal preference when settling on a palette. After all, your wedding day is very much a reflection of you as a couple and your journey together.

So if your style is more soft and understated, stick with pastels and neutrals. If you’re the life of the party, brighten up your wedding décor with an abundance of metallic with plenty of sparkle, shimmer and bling. If you’re the picture of sophistication, make white, black and either gold or silver the foundation of your color scheme.

Whatever your winter color selection, stay true to your style and personality and you’ll be sure to simply love what you come up with.

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