Add Pages to an Envelope Journal

In a previous post I showed you how to make an envelope journal.

In this post I will show you a simple way to add more pages to that same journal.

At the end of the first tutorial you had a book made of envelopes.  That book had 5 spreads.  3 of these spreads had pockets.  We will be utilizing these pockets and six cards to turn this 5 spread envelope journal into an 11 spread journal.


  • Your completed envelope journal
  • 6 cards
    • you can use fewer cards if you want fewer pages/spreads but I will be using all 6 for this tutorial)
  • White Glue (elmers glue or tacky glue) or a STRONG glue stick such as Elmers Board Mate
    • double sided tape could be used but might not stand up well if wet media is used in the journal
    • DO NOT use a washable or “school” glue if you intend to use wet media in your finished journal


Take your completed envelope journal and open it to the first spread.  This spread should have a pocket on each side.

Take a (folded) card.  Cover the front of this card all over with your glue.  Then open the card.  Slide the front of the card, glue side down, into the first (left hand side) pocket of your envelope journal.

Step 1, First Page


Take a second card and repeat the process, sliding the glue side down into the second (right hand side) pocket.

With both cards in place you have turned one spread into 3 different spreads, adding 2 pages to your envelope journal!

step two

Also, you still have 2 pockets for slipping additions into.  One pocket will be on the left of the first spread, and one pocket on the right of the third spread.


Turn the pages of your envelope journal past the solid spread to the next spread with pockets.

Take 2 more cards and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Continue to do this until you have glued a card into each pocket.


See, there is less to adding pages than there was to building the initial envelope journal.

However, once you have glued a card into each pocket you have turned your 5 spread envelope journal into an 11 spread journal.

envelope journal with pages

This process also serves to make each page of the journal more sturdy, as the glued card pages add thicnkess and strength to the envelopes.


Your card pages are going to be slightly smaller than your envelope pages.  This is due to the nature of cards and envelopes.  Cards generally have to be smaller than envelopes so that they can fit inside.

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