Creating a Magic Yarn Ball

While the term “magic ball” sounds very, well, magical.  It isn’t.   To create one, all you need is scrap bits of yarn, some scissors, and patience.

A magic ball is essentially a ball of yarn that is made from a variety of other bits of yarn. You attach the yarn randomly to each other or you can do it in a pattern and then wind it into a ball.  Once it is complete, you use the yarn to create whatever project is planned.

I had a bunch of granny squares that I made long ago that I was thinking of putting together to make a blanket.  But when I laid them all out on the floor, I discovered that they were not the same size, they were different thickness of yarn, and I didn’t really have a lot.  So I decided to take them apart and create a magic yarn ball.

Magic Ball Scarf

Magic Ball Scarf

I know that I am not able to create randomness so I put all the squares into a bag and pulled them out one at a time.  I yanked them apart and then wound them into a yarn cake with my yarn winder.  When it was full, I created a second magic ball.  I continued until I had all the yarn made into balls.

As I do not have a lot of yarn, I decided the best use for these magic balls is to make scarves for charity.  As a result, they are a great project to hang out with me at the computer or in front of the TV when I want something to do with my hands that does not require much thought.   I do not have to change colours as the ball will do that automatically, I just need to watch for the end.

There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to creating a magic yarn ball.   You can use scraps anywhere from a foot to a full ball of yarn   Due to my yarn originally being a granny square, I am getting quite a few rows before it changes.

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