A Crochet Stitch Bible : A Great Crochet Gift

One of my most memorable memories of my mom is from when I was kid. She would sit in her recliner and crochet while my sister and I practiced the organ. I remember her working on several different afghans over the years and at some point I expressed an interest in learning as I remember her teaching me to crochet. Eventually, she taught me a pattern for a scrap afghan that I am embarrassed to say took me probably twenty years to finish.

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Recently I took up crocheting again and realized that I really did not know any patterns, or truly, any stitches beyond the basics from this one afghan. As a result, I talked to the other crocheters to see if they had any recommendations for me. One gift idea that came up several times was to get what is referred to as a “crochet bible” which means a book that is full of all the different varieties of stitches that you can make. From there, you are able to select whichever one appeals to you and make something – granted, you might not craft a sweater from this but you could do any number of different blankets or lace.

Unsure of which one to select, I picked The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet as it features a variety of different stitches as well as colour photography to help you see the stitches. Some of the swatches do look unappealing due to the colour yarn used but to really get an idea of how to create a stitch, these yarns truly do show it best. Using a dark yarn the stitches would blend together and not assist you.

Therefore, if you need a gift idea for the crocheter in your life, especially a newer one, I recommend that you purchase this book. I purchased this for myself and it has been helpful and I have even created a few different patterns.

This book will teach you how to create the stitches that are in the book and then will give you patterns to use them in. You will also learn how to read from a pattern or from a chart, depending on your preferences (in fact, this book showed me how a chart can assist in reading a pattern). It also features patterns to make different motifs which you can create and then attach several of them together to make something larger. You can also find patterns to create flowers and other designs.



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