Glitter Ornament DIY Step by Step With Pictures

Shimmer and Shine

glitter ornament diyIn November and December every year, many families around the world get together and start decorating for the holidays.  Trees go up, lights are twinkling, tinsel is sparkling and there is glitter, glitter everywhere you look.  Now you can add even more shimmer and shine to your holiday decor!  This glitter ornament craft is so simple that children can do it, which they will love because what child doesn’t like to play with glitter.

To create this craft you need a clear ornament (glass or plastic), some glitter of your choice, and a clear drying adhesive.  Optionally you may also want a small funnel, dixie cups and paper plates.

The adhesive should be thin enough to flow.  Mod-podge will work, but companies like Beacon, DecoArt and Aleene’s all sell Glitter Adhesives.

How to Make a Glitter Ornament

Step 1:

glitter ornament glue

Take the caps off of  the ornaments you want to use, and set them aside for later.

Take one ornament and pour about a tablespoon of adhesive inside of it.  Swirl this around until the entire inside of your ornament is coated with the adhesive.  Add more adhesive if you need to.

Step 2:

pour out excess glitter adhesive

Pour remaining adhesive back into the adhesive bottle.  This conserves adhesive (always a good idea to craft on a budget) but it also will prevent clumps of glitter from forming inside of your glitter ornament, which also conserves glitter!

Step 3:

putting glitter inside of a glitter ornament

Pour some glitter inside of the ornament. This is where that optional funnel might come in handy.  Be generous!  Then spin the ornament again, give it a gentle shake, get glitter to cover all of the adhesive you have lined the sides of your craft ornament with.

Once all of it has been covered you can pour the extra glitter out.  I recommend doing this on a paper plate, and not back into the glitter container, since the glitter may be wet with glue.

If any clumps HAVE formed you will also be pouring them out.

If you have bare spots you can add more glitter.  If you need more glue, add more glue.  Just make sure you get glitter EVERYWHERE!

Step 4:


Take the wire part out of the cap of your ornament.  Place the cap back on the ornament, then gently replace the wire into the holes on top of the cap.

putting the cap back on

This step prevents the wire from scraping off your glitter as you replace your cap!

If you have trouble replacing the wire since the cap will be loose, you can always add a little glue to hold the cap in place.

That is it.  You have have a complted glitter ornament for your tree.  Since you get to chose your own color they are sure to match the rest of your decorations.  If you did it with children you were able to create something beautiful as a family.

You don’t have to leave it a simple glitter ornament however.  You can use your sparkling new bauble as a base to create other fun craft ornaments, such as an adorable snowman ornament made from your child’s hand print!

(Image Attribute: All photos were taken by me while completing my project.)

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