Hand-print Snowman Ornament

I wish I could take credit for the Hand-print Snowman Ornament idea because it is so darn cute.  I will admit, however, that it is not my brain child.

I have seen this idea floating around for a few years.  Every year around December I start seeing it pop up in my facebook news feed and Pinterest.

The idea is simple.  You make a white hand-print on a round ornament.  The palm of the hand print becomes snow.  The fingers of the hand-print become snowmen.  Then you have not only a cute ornament for your free, but a sweet memory of how small your child’s hand was when they made it.

Simplicity aside, some crafters might have questions.  What paint is used for the craft?  What kind of ornaments?  How do you get a hand print on a round item?

Here is how I made ours.

Hand-Print Snowman Ornament

I started with a plastic craft ornament.  They are clear, so you can either paint the background on the or swirl the paint on the inside.  You also have the option of buying a solid color Christmas ornament and not having to paint your background at all.

Another option would be to start with a clear ornament, but leave it clear, or put glitter or fake snow flakes inside.

I did the “swirl the paint inside” method since I find that gets the best and smoothest coverage, and so had to drain the excess paint out of the inside of my ornament.  The easiest way to do that is to turn the ornament upside down in a disposable cup.

Snowman Ornament draining

The excess paint in my ornaments is draining onto paper towels. You can’t tell in the picture, but the opening doesn’t touch the bottom of the cup, to allow better drainage.

The paint I used inside my snowman ornament was Dazzling Metallics by Deco Art, in the color Peacock Pearl.  I thought it gave the perfect shimmery look for a clear but snow covered winters day.

Now, painting on plastic can be tricky.  The best thing to use is a multi-surface paint, but if it is handled gently then you should be able to get away with plain old acrylic.  I used the Craft Smart craft paint you can get from Michael’s Art and Crafts.

[stextbox id=”info”]When making this hand print snowman ornament with kids remember that Acrylic paint will wash off skin with soap and water, but will not come out of clothing.  Make sure the little ones are wearing “crafting” clothes.[/stextbox]

Using a cheap brush I covered my sons hand with white paint.  You can’t be too stingy with the paint, or your snowmen will be unfinished.  But you can’t be too heavy either or they will be too gloopy.

Snowman Ornament painting hand

Sponge brushes are also good for covering hands with paint, and might be less “ticklish” than a bristle brush.

When you think you have the right amount of paint in their hand, sit the bottom of the snowman ornament in the palm of their hand, and have them grasp it like they were holding an apple or a ball.  Than have them let go of it.  You should now have a row of snowmen sitting in a bed of snow.

Now you have to set your hand print ornament aside until the paint dries.  If you do anything else at this point you risk smearing your snowmen.

Handprint Snowman drying

I am letting the sit upside down on a paper towel because I did not let the paint inside dry completely before moving ahead to this step. If you don’t want to worry about paint leakage, give it a day or two to dry.

Once the white paint has dried you can add details to your snowmen.  Eyes, a nose, buttons, a scarf.  You can also add snowflakes in the air, or anything else you want to paint on.

You might also want to get your child to write their name and date on the back of the ornament.

You can use acrylic craft paint and a small brush, or paint pens for this part.

Once your additions have dried you have a cute snow man Christmas ornament to add to your collection of family made ornaments.

handprint snowman ornament

Four happy snowmen, with one more (made by the thumb) closer to the back. He’s on his way to joint the snowman party, he just hasn’t made it yet.

If you liked this ornament craft you might also like the Reindeer Ornament craft as well.

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