Simple Heart Crafts for Preschoolers

Heart crafts to make with preschoolers

Easy to Make Heart Crafts

Kids of all ages enjoy making heart crafts, especially if the project is a gift for Mom, Dad or a grandparent.  The easy heart crafts for preschoolers we’ve designed are simple enough for a toddler to tackle with a bit of guidance, and will entertain crafty kindergarten age kids, too. Let’s make a few easy heart crafts with recycled materials.

Choose one heart craft as a simple activity or have your little artist craft both projects for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day or Valentine’s Day. In our family these lovely simple hearts have been created as Christmas ornaments, Valentine window decorations and very special birthday gifts.

Laced Doily Hearts

Decorate paper doily hearts with yarn, cutouts, glitter and stickers.

Paper doily hearts are a traditional favorite for making Valentine cards. My granddaughter made this sweet laced doily heart craft for me when she was 2 years old.

Heart doily craft for young children

Laced Doily Heart Preschool Paper Craft

Laced Doily Heart Craft Materials and Tools

  • White or Pink Heart Shaped Paper Doilies
  • Red or pink card stock or construction paper
  • Glitter, sequins or small paper cutout shapes: hearts, stars,
  • Yarn or thin ribbon
  • Paper punch – single, hand held puncher
  • Child safe scissors
  • Craft Glue or Glue Stick

Photo, right:  Laced Doily Heart Craft Card

Simplified Doily Heart Craft or Ornament – Toddler Craft

The finished craft pictured right is a simplified version of this easy paper doily heart  project. Toddlers will need help with punching holes
and lacing; you can prepare the punched lacing holes ahead of time
for very young crafters.

  1. Punch a series of evenly spaced lacing holes through the heart
    shaped doily, along the edge of the solid center part of the doily
    as shown.
  2. Lace yarn or ribbon through the holes then tie ends in a bow on
    the front.
  3. Decorate the white space inside the laced heart area with paper
    shapes, stickers, glitter and sequins.

Tissue Paper Heart Ornaments

Easy Heart Craft Made with Recycled Materials

Tissue paper heart ornament preschool craft

Recycled tissue paper heart paper craft ornament

I made these cute heart craft ornaments with my toddler granddaughter for Valentine’s Day before she was 3 years old. We used recycled materials to make our tissue paper hearts: leftover gift wrap tissue from Christmas, cereal box cardboard, and scraps of embroidery floss.

With just a little bit of help from you, a two year old can craft this easy heart paper craft ornament for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. You might even want to craft these tissue paper heart ornaments for Earth Day – they’re a green craft, made from recycled materials: cereal boxes, strings and gift wrap tissue.

Photo, right: Tissue Paper Heart Craft

Tissue Paper Heart Craft Materials

  • Recycled light weight cardboard from clean food cartons (cereal, cookie or pasta boxes)
  • New or used gift wrap tissue paper
  • Masking tape
  • White kid-safe paint
  • 1 inch paint brush
  • Yarn, ribbon or string
  • Glitter glue

Tissue Heart Craft Ornaments Instructions

Cut out simple cardboard heart shapes about 3″ to 5″ tall from the cardboard cartons. Make as many hearts as you’d like ornaments, in varying or same sizes.

  1. Tear the colored tissue paper into bits about 1 inch square. Allow about a handful of tissue bits for each heart.
  2. Cut a 12-inch length of string, ribbon or yarn. Fold in half to create a loop and use masking tape to secure the ends to the blank cardboard side (unprinted side) of each heart.
  3. Spread a coat of white (or pink, or red) paint on the printed side of each cardboard heart.
  4. While the paint is still wet, press random tissue paper bits onto a heart. Don’t press down too much, just enough to make the tissue stick to the cardboard heart. The paint will act as glue. Cover the entire heart with tissue bits then set aside to dry for a few hours or overnight.
  5. After the tissue covered hearts are dry, squiggle on some swirls of glitter glue over each heart. At this point you can add a few more bits of tissue paper or sprinkle on some extra glitter.
  6. Allow hearts to dry again (we let ours dry overnight), then hang them in the window or on a door knob.

Find more easy crafts for kids at Pastiche Family Portal –

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