Joining Yarn And Not Having Ends Leftover

One of the worst things about making any yarn project with colour changes is all the ends that you have to sew in or weave when your project is done. For some, it can be a reason that they do not even do much for colourwork. But, if you know how to attach your new yarn and hide the ends immediately, the job becomes much more enjoyable and you don’t have anything to dread when you are done!

I am going to show you the method that I use when crocheting. You will have to adjust for other craft purposes but this should give you a good idea.

Step 1:
When you finish a row, you have a loop left on your hook. Join colour two as normal by pulling it through the loop. Drop colour one.

Attaching yarn

Attaching yarn












Step 2:
Before I move on, I snip the end of colour one with two inches or so of a tail. I take colour one and colour two and knot them together to make things a bit more secure.


Step 3:
Chain as normal and turn your work.


Step 4:
As you start to crochet the next row, you want to take the two colour ends and lay them on top of the row you are crocheting on. (See photo below). Basically, you are crocheting over them and incorporating them into your work.

Crocheting over ends

Crocheting over ends












Step 5:
Keep going until you have crocheted an inch or two or until the end of the yarn is completely covered. If I have left the end too long, I cut it off. I don’t think there is any purpose to crocheting over six inches or more of yarn ends.

Crocheting over ends

Crocheting over ends










While crocheting over the yarn ends may slow your hook down a little bit, for the time and effort you save in not having to weave in all those ends, it is well worth it.

Do you do something similar? Leave a comment and share your technique!

Note: All photos belong to me. Apologies on any blurriness as I was taking the photos in a moving vehicle on my phone.

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