Popsicle Notebook or Mini-journal

popsicle mini notebook

The Popsicle Mini-Notebook craft is a fun summer themed craft for kids.

One thing more prevalent in the summer time is a Popsicle.  You can get them all year long, of course, but you just plain WANT them more the summer time.

As the temperatures are on the rise you might find your home bound children (or even yourself) stuck inside and wanting something to do.  You can make this Popsicle Notebook craft to entertain indoors during the hottest part of the day, when the rain won’t let you outdoors, and even as a craft at a summer birthday party!

This Popsicle notebook craft was inspired by two other crafts I’ve seen.  One was an accordion style Popsicle notebook done as a Kids Club activity at our local Michael’s craft store.  The other was a Free Popsicle Card Template and Tutorial (linked the materials section below!) that I saw right here on Craft Closet.

Suggested uses for this cute little notebook could be:

  • Fill it with your favorite summer memories
  • Make list of your favorite summer desserts
  • Write a letter inside and mail it to a friend


  • Marie’s Popsicle Card Template
  • construction paper or colorful card stock
  • Popsicle craft sticks
  • white glue (elmers or tacky glue work fine)
  • glitter
  • stapler (a long arm stapler is good for reaching the middle of booklets)
  • pencil and scissors

Now you can follow along with the video I made, or take it slower with the step by step instructions below:


The first thing I did was take Marie’s Popsicle Template and print it out on regular office printer paper.  Then I glued the print out onto a thicker piece of chipboard I had around the house.  Anything sturdy could be used for this, it doesn’t have to be a cereal box.  A shipping box or cereal box will do.

Once the glue was dry I cut out the two templates.

The purpose of this step is to give you a sturdy template to trace and use over and over that will hold up better to the use.  Plus, it is easier to trace something sturdy than it is to trace around a piece of paper that might move under your pencil.


Take a sheet of bright colored card stock, or a sheet of colorful construction paper, and fold it in half.  Line up the “Popsicle Template Outer” with the folded edge of this paper.  Trace around the template lightly with a pencil.  If you trace lightly you should be able to erase any pencil marks that remain after you cut it out.

Once you have traced it, take a pair of scissors and cut along the lines.  Make sure that you do not cut the folded edge. This will be the “cover” of your notebook.

STEPS 3 & 4

Take a sheet of a coordinating color of card stock or construction paper.  Do not fold it, but trace the “Popsicle Template Inner” on it twice.  Cut those out and set them aside.

Take 3 more sheets of card stock or construction paper.  These will be the pages of your notebook.  They can be all the same color, all various colors, or all white.  The color is up to your preference.

Fold each of these sheets in half.  Using the “Popsicle Template Inner” the same way you did the outer one in the first step, line it up to the folded edge of each sheet, then trace lightly around them.  Cut each one out following your traced lines.  Be careful again not to cut through the folded edge.


It is time to decorate your cover!  This is when you will need the glue, glitter and Popsicle sticks.

Open your cover.  Take two Popsicle sticks.  Glue one to the center of the front, and another to the center of the back so that they are aligned when you close the book.

Take the two inner Popsicle shapes you cut out in step 3.  Glue one to the center of your open cover on the front and the back, covering your Popsicle sticks.  When you close your cover they should be aligned.


Once the glue has dried on the inside of your cover you can close the cover and decorate the front.

On mine I smeared glue all over the top of my Popsicle, and made it look like drips, then covered the glue with glitter.  You can use the glitter to decorate the front however you like best.

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”JUST A TIP!”]If you are making this Popsicle Notebook craft with younger children you might want to use glitter glue instead of glue and loose glitter.  It is slightly less messy and much easier for little hands to handle.[/stextbox]


Once the glitter and glue has dried on your front cover it is time to add your pages.

Open the cover, and open the 3 inner pages as well.  Stack them up on top of each other, making sure the crease is lined up.  Keep the pages close to the center of your cover.

Using your stapler add one or two staples vertically along the crease of your pages.

Now, you have a cute little notebook to jot down summer ideas in!


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