Quilled Stand Up Angel Pattern

Image by Brenda Gottsabend


Make a stand up quilled angel using 1 inch wide cardstock. The paper strips used here are from cutting and scoring 8.5 x 11 heavy weight cardstock for A7 card size blanks. Nothing should go to waste and the strips are being utilized instead of thrown away.

For your own standup angel cut strips from card stock you have stashed in your supplies. If you prefer,  paper can be cut for hangup angels or purchase ready cut quilling paper.

This photo is by Brenda Goosabend. You can find it on Flickr using this link.

Found on Pinterest, I thought this would be a good project for the cardstock strips, but as with many Pins there was no tutorial to go with. Using this photo as inspiration, I made a few angels using cardstock I had on hand.

Whatever you decided to use glue or cut the sizes below.

Getting Started

Gather together tacky glue or paste such as Yes! Paste, 5 rubber bands, and a round chopstick for rolling or anything smaller than a pencil or pen. I found the elements looked better with a tighter roll.

Draw a 1 1/2 inch diameter circle on a piece of paper. Draw another 2 inch diameter circle next to it. See “Make Wings” below. All images below by Sherry Venegas.

Lengths of paper strips needed

Soften ends

Glue together to make the proper sizes. I clip the ends to soften the joint. click all images to enlarge.

1.  Two 16 inch strips 1/2 inch wide for the hymn book.

All other lengths are 1 inch wide.

2.  Three 24 inch lengths

3.  One 4 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 1/2 inch and last 10 1/2 inch.


Start Rolling Paper

Rolling paper

Roll all 16 inch and 24 inch long lengths tightly and secure each with a rubber band. Set aside.


Make Angel Skirt

Make Skirt

Loop 4 inch length and glue the ends together to form a point. Glue the 6 inch paper at the point and loop around to glue on opposite side.

Make angel skirt

Loop and glue the 7 inch and 8 1/2 lengths. Square off the 8 1/2 inch with a soft fold as shown above. Glue on the last 10 1/2 inch and crease it at both ends too.

Make angel body

The angel skirt should look like this and be able to stand on its own.


Make Wings

quilling wings


Take two 24 inch lengths remove bands and glue one end down so that the coil fits into a 2 inch diameter circle, as shown top left. Do the same with the second strip. On the right both look the same size.

Squish wings Squish wings






Squish the wings as flat as you can. You can manipulate the center to one side, but the second wing manipulate to the opposite side. I like all the loops creased. Make a few and don’t crease all loops if you like that look better. Fluff out and shape as desired. Below.



The Hymnal

Do the same to the 1/2 inch 16 inch lengths. Measure and glue them over the 1 1/2 circle, instead of the 2 inch circle. They should be smaller than the wings. Keep these two in a tighter pointed oval. Glue them together as shown below.



Angel Head

Make the head by gluing to fit in the 1 1/2 inch circle. Squish to a point only one end and leave the other end round.

Angel head


Assemble the Quilling Angel

Assemble quilling angel

Glue the units together with very tacky glue or something that dries fast and does not run thin. White school glue did not have enough sticking power to keep the parts together. I suggest crazy or super glue. Yes! did not work either, in the end.

After the four parts are dry put plenty of paste on the book to place on top.


Finished Quilled Angel

Quilled Stand Up Angel

DSCN7704 - Copy


StandUp Quilling Angel

All images by Sherry Venegas except the first photo is by Brenda Goosabend.

Let everyone know if you should try this project in the comments. Enjoy.




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