Reindeer Ornament Craft

When December rolls around, children everywhere are eager for the big day to arrive.  You can keep their excitement alive, and help them stay busy, with this fun Reindeer Ornament Craft.

You can say this is Rudolph, or any of Santa’s other reindeer

With the exception of the plastic craft ornaments you probably have everything you need to make this Christmas ornament craft at home in your Kids Craft Supply Box.  It is simple enough for a Pre-K craft, with just a little adult help.

How to Make a Reindeer Ornament


Reindeer Ornament Suppliesclear craft ornaments
brown pipe cleaners
wiggle eyes
pom-poms (red or black)


Take one of your brown pipe cleaners and wrap it around your pencil.  Wind the whole pipe cleaner around, then push the coils tight together.

Reindeer Ornament Step 1, Pipecleaner Coils

I had room to wrap 2 pipe cleaners once I pushed the first one up.

Remove the coil from the pencil.


Remove the silver cap from the craft ornament and set aside.

Remove the coiled pipe cleaner from the pencil.  Push it into the opening of the ornament.

Continue Step 1 and Step 2 until the ornament is full.  the number of coils needed will vary depending on the size of your ornament and how full you want it.  It took 18 coils to fill mine as full as I wanted it.

Reindeer Ornament Step 2, Fill the Ornament

Eighteen chenille stems went inside of this clear plastic ornament.

[stextbox id=”info”]If you don’t have that many brown pipe cleaners on hand you can also fill the ball with brown paper, brown pom-poms, beans or brown candy.  Pretty much anything brown will work.[/stextbox]


Take 2 more brown pipe cleaners.

Take the first one and wrap it around the neck of the ornament, twisting it tight at the back.  Replace the silver cap.

Reindeer Ornament Step 3, Add Antlers

Take the 2nd pipe cleaner and cut it into 4 equal parts.  Twist these onto the pipe clear at the top of your reindeer ornament, and you have the antlers.

Reindeer Ornament Step 3, Bigger Antlers


Using a fast grab craft glue, attach a pom-pom nose to the lower center of the ornament.

If you use a red pom-pom then you reindeer ornament will be a Rudolph Ornament.  Or you can use a black pom-pom and have a less famous reindeer.

Now that the hard nose decision has been made, you can glue on the eyes, above the nose.

[stextbox id=”alert”]If you use a glue gun for this step you should only use a LOW TEMP glue gun.  High temp hot glue will melt and warp your ornament.[/stextbox]

Once your glue is dry you can hang your ornament!

Rudolph the Reindeer Ornament Craft

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