Simple Sewing Machine Maintenance Keeps it Stitching Along

Simple maintenance will keep a machine humming along

A sewing machine is just like any other appliance we have in our homes. If we keep it in clean and orderly shape, it will last a long time. If we neglect to do a few maintenance things on it, it may decide it is not going to perform as well as it should. Some of the newer machines are all computerized, so you may not want to dive into them, but simpler, older machines are fairly easy to “tune up.”

Dusting off the Lint

As part of the maintenance, you should always wipe your machine down after you use it. Use a soft dry cloth and wipe wherever you can on the sewing machine body. For smaller areas and tight spots, I use a small soft bristled paint brush. You will be surprised that so much lint has collected just from sewing.

Take the bobbin out and use the soft brush to remove any small bits of lint that has gathered in it too. If you feel comfortable removing any of the attachments in a side load bobbin holder, clean behind them too. Once the lint has been removed from the machine, you may want to oil it, if it has been awhile since you last did it.

Keep the bobbin and shuttle area lint free

Keeping the Machine Oiled

Even though older machines have simple mechanisms inside them, they still require a bit of oil from time to time. If you have a manual, (you may even be able to search on line for your machine type) it should tell you where to find all of the oil holes. If not, just examine your machine carefully and you will see them.

Oil any moving parts

Use a good quality oil, designed for sewing machines. It’s not expensive and you will only need a tiny amount each time. How often you should oil your machine depends on how often you use it and what type of fabric you have been sewing. Some fabric leaves a lot of tiny lint particles that will clog your mechanisms over time.

If you plan to store the machine for any length of time, be sure to oil it before you do. If you don’t remember if it was oiled before you put it away, or if you just purchased a second hand machine, it is a good idea to oil it before using it.

Put a couple drops of oil onto any moving gears that are exposed on the sewing machine. Do NOT get any oil on or near any exposed drive belts, or rubber rings on the machine. If you are not sure what to oil, leave it or search for help on the internet, or even ask a friend that knows how to do it.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes and is intended for older style sewing machines, not newer computerized models. Refer to your owner’s manual for exact servicing instructions on how to clean and oil your machine.

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