Yarn Scraps: They are not Garbage!

In crafting, there is no such thing as garbage.  Many of the little bits and pieces that you end up with can be used in some other method.  So before you toss something, consider if it may have a future use.

Small Pieces

Okay, I will admit, there isn’t a lot that you can do with this yarn.  But, that does not mean that you need to toss it.


Do you create anything that requires stuffing?   Instead of buying something else to stuff your creations, consider using these little bits to do this.  They may create a stiff item, but if it is for a small child, soft is better.

Kids Crafts

If you have kids that like to craft, but you don’t want them to have your expensive supplies, pieces of yarn may be enough to tide them over for a while.  But it could backfire and they will want to be like you and use the big kid tools.

Craft Markers

Several of my crafty friends will use these odds and ends to mark spots in their project.  It may be a spot to return to, it may hold stitches that had to come off the needle, or just because they look pretty (kidding, kind of) while they work on their project.

Give them to the Birds

I have heard of people who will put the bits and pieces outside for the birds to find.   I am not sure if this is a good idea so please do your own research and decide.

A bunch of yarn balls

A bunch of yarn balls

Bigger Pieces

When you have bigger yarn bits, like the last 20 feet of the yarn that wasn’t enough for another row, you can save it and create another project in the future.  Or maybe you have some odd yarn that just does not match anything else and you do not know what to do with it.

Magic Ball

Consider turning these pieces into a magic ball and create something with it when you have enough.   You might easily be able to turn a magic ball or two into a scarf, a hat or hand warmers.   If you have a lot, you could consider creating a blanket.

Create Pieces

If you have enough yarn, you could turn the scraps into pieces for a bigger project.   Consider making a bunch of granny squares and turning them into something depending on how many you have.  Make 12 x 12 inch squares and donate them to Project Linus in your area.   Get together with some other crafters and make squares and create items to donate.


If you have crafty friends, they may be looking for a shade of pink that you have in your scraps.  Maybe they have a blue that would go great with your other bits and pieces.  Trade them.  They are not doing either of you a favour by staying in your stash.

A scarf I am making with all the pink/purple balls and a strand of pink yarn.



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