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Over the years we undergo huge changes in habits, likes, dislikes, music, choice of friends, the list is endless – some are lightning changes others being almost imperceptible ones. I like to think I have been a flexible person and all the better for it. I accept that most of the changes in myself have come about as a result of living in various countries, travel changes as well as widens the mind.

I would say that one thing that has not changed is my diet, at least I thought that was the case until recently. Growing a little bored with my culinary efforts I decided to look back on an old cookery book to get new ideas. There was a time when just looking at the photographs in a cookery book would make my mouth water.   Not anymore.

The puddings and the pies had lost their appeal. I was thinking more about the calorie content than the taste. I realised that pastry has disappeared almost completely from my repertoire these days. So I turned to salads, how boring they looked, those whole lettuce leaves, a few tomatoes and cucumber slices. I’ve been shredding lettuce into slivers for years now, tomatoes and cucumbers are surrounded by olives, feta, and herbs dosed with olive oil.

So my diet has changed along with everything else, although I must admit to the occasional longing to indulge in some of that comfort food my mother used to prepare.

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