A letter to the millennials

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A letter to the millennials

As you go to vote for this very important elections I want you to try and imagine what your mother and grandmother would vote. You see most of us baby boomers have worked for decades trying to get more women in our companies, government and now as president. We are your feminist mothers, sisters, who aren’t afraid to say we are feminists. I know many of the young women see no need for feminism and see the word as another “F” word

Women make 79 cents on the dollar doing the same job that a man makes a dollar. Pay equity is one of the most important things to consider, and because women are the majority in this country, i find it sad that we are still not getting equal pay for equal work. Women in Congress are only at 19 percent, 19 percent for the majority that women are.

Don’t be fooled by the candidate that says he wants a revolution. I know it’s easy to believe that he will do just that, but have you heard any plans on how to do it. Bernie Sanders has been one of the old, white dudes in Congress that haven’t passed laws like pay equity. Do you want another old white dude in the highest office in America?

I know you shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a women, but give her a chance to tell you what she not only has done but what she wants to do and how she is going to do it. Hillary has spent her whole adult life waiting for this moment in herstory. She was one of the founders of healthcare for everyone. She stands behind what President Obama passed, and look at the millions of people that now have insurance. Many of you can stay on your parent’s policies until you are 27.

During the Iowa caucus they interviewed young people, and most of them don’t even know what socialism is. And as far as a revolution what part of having a female president isn’t just that? Hillary has spent her life advocating for world wide education for girls, empowering girls and women around the world. She was a successful Secretary of State and is the most loved woman around the world.

Still on the fence? Think about when you were little and sitting with your mother and her friends, talking about feminism, equality and wanting to be fairly represented. Baby boomer women have worked all their adult lives and when it comes to making 76 cents (just recently changed to 79 cents. for the last 40 years, we retire with that much less social security. Many of us live in poverty during our senior years, while men because they made that much more draw more social security when they retire.

Remember this by the time women reach the age of 65 we lose 143,000 due to the gender gap? Talk about we need a revolution. And who do we think can do it, an old, man, the status quo, or Hillary Clinton who will break through that already cracked glass ceiling.

What would your grandmother and your mother do, who would they vote for? For some reason many of the millenniums think that women are equal, they feel like they are given more chances and choices in their lives right now. And you know who did that for you? The women who came before you who fight for women’s rights, empowering girls and giving them a hand up out of a world run by men.

Look what the GOP radical right are trying to do, trying to defund Planned Parenthood, and there is talk about repealing Roe v Wade. Do we want our country run by evangelicals? With 7 billion people in the world? Planned Parenthood is just that, a place to go to plan your parenthood if that’s what you want. PP offers medical care to millions of women, old and young.

This is a war on women and let’s not let them get away with it.

Some of you say, “we will see a woman in the future being President but just not this election? Why not? Can’t you see baby boomer women don’t have thirty years to wait.

When you go to the polls, just ask yourself, who can and will fight for women and girls? Who better but a woman? 


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