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New Site for Freelance Writers

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I had been searching for a new article marketplace for writers for months before discovering a great opportunity. It hasn’t opened yet since they’re still in the process of collecting enough articles to officially launch the site. I found Swarm Content through LinkedIn, and I’ve submitted 17 articles to date. I plan on building my library of available content and making it my main focus after it officially opens.

Swarm Content is a New Article Marketplace for Writers and Buyers

Before finding the new article marketplace for writers, I was frustrated by a lack of content sites that allow people to post finished pieces. I had a collection of exclusive articles and nowhere to go. I wanted to find a content marketplace that treated their writers in a kind, courteous and professional manner. I test the waters at new writing sites by asking a few questions. Swarm Content has been phenomenal, and I have no complaints. They answered all of the questions that I had, and the CEO and founder took the time to personally and politely respond.

Why I Prefer an Article Marketplace to Taking Orders for Content

I prefer to write and sell finished articles rather than take orders from clients. They either take it as is or leave it as is, and I’m able to cover topics of my choice. It beats working on subjects that someone else demands, especially since I’m still not guaranteed a sale. An article marketplace provides the ultimate form of freedom for a freelance content writer. It might take a little time to sell my work, but for me it’s well worth the wait. I’ve sold almost everything that I’ve put up for sale on other article marketplace sites. Unfortunately, they aren’t what they used to be. I’ve also dealt with dishonesty, but I’m much more careful now. I look for honest reviews, and I take the time to try and personally interact with site owners.

The Value of Your Content

Keep in mind that price is a direct indication of how much you personally value your work. Marketplace sites that allow people to post content for ridiculously low prices are industry leeches. They’ve damaged their own integrity. Buyers should not be surprised when they end up with inferior content from those types of sites. I wouldn’t post a paragraph of my work on a site that allows low-ball sales. I value my work, and I price it accordingly.

Swarm Content is a place where writers can set their own price, but unlike the low-ball sites that I’ve stumbled across, the articles are quality checked. The site won’t be riddled with poorly written content that a professional freelance writer would be ashamed of. I can’t wait for the day when the new article marketplace for writers goes live.

I hope that other Swarm Content writers set their prices according to how much they value their work. Since the site only accepts quality articles and white papers, I can’t imagine that anyone will set ridiculously low prices. I certainly hope not. The old saying, you get what you pay for holds true when buying anything. Set your price according to how much you value your work. I recommend a price of no less than four cents per word at Swarm Content or anywhere else online, but it’s ultimately up to you.

They Are Accepting Quality Articles and White Papers

I have nothing to gain by posting information on Swarm Content. It’s a new article marketplace for writers, and I currently don’t have a referral link. I’m not personally affiliated with the site or the owners. However, the website won’t open until they have enough content to offer buyers. Whenever I find a good opportunity for my fellow writers, I take the time to share the information, even if I don’t personally stand to gain anything.

Take a look at Swarm Content, and learn more about the site through their blog and their about page. Take the time to look around. I haven’t had sales experience at SC since it hasn’t opened yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far. They’re a five-star opportunity in my book, and I have high hopes for the site.

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