A new Era of M-Power

No matter the class of high performance vehicle, the BMW M3 has its name up there with the legends and the greats. The core of every M3 since its inception in 1988 with the M30 M3 until the 2013 E90 M3 has always been the full throttle of a high revving naturally aspirated engine with a glorious note and unique sound. Although every model had been a six cylinder engine, the E90 was the first and last eight cylinder powered M3. The advent of reducing emissions and lowering fuel consumption across the globe has led many a car manufacturer to resort to smaller force fed engines. The balancing act comes in with the performance vehicles which have always been about brute strength. This vista has changed and the new M3 (the coupe being aptly named M4) is an example of this adaptation. We all know it’s not going to be cheap but for those who are used to paying more for more M3 power will now be surprised in the smaller engine.

English: BMW M3 CSL E46

English: BMW M3 CSL E46 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first ever turbo charged M3 is soon to be available and with figures of around 316 Kilowatts and 500 Newton meters, a capable 0-100 Kilometres per hour sprint at a claimed 4.6 seconds and a mass amount of carbon fibre, it certainly hails to its pedigree. The suspension having a set-up inspired by the guys at M-Division who have never disappointed and surely the thrill of the rear wheel over-steer will al add to bolster the position of the “new” M3. The dynamic and proven records of BMW and M-Division in the creation of their M3’s have always been superb and despite the alteration in its history, we can all look forward to the birth or a new era for the M3.

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