A Pretty Pink Butterfly Backpack for School

Are you looking for a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school? When I was a child, backpacks weren’t readily available. I don’t recall kids using them, at least not for school. They were considered camping or hiking supplies. However, I recall having a sturdy clear and red vinyl bag with handles in kindergarten, but knapsacks weren’t necessary. I don’t even know if they were available at the time. Books didn’t weigh a ton, and we didn’t need oodles of supplies.

I didn’t like the phrase, back to school, but those three words seemed to be plastered everywhere. I wasn’t excited about new school supplies because they were boring back then. The most elaborate items were cardboard pencil boxes and new sets of crayons, but they didn’t make up for that formidable phrase on clothing store banners, all over the television and in magazines galore. I loved summer, and the last thing that I wanted to think about was returning to the daily grind of schoolwork and social drama.

My daughter feels the same way, but I found a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school. She’s starting to get excited now. Kids these days have much more to choose from than those who grew up in decades past. I won’t say when since I would be giving away my age, but times have certainly changed. Backpacks can be found in just about every style and theme imaginable, and the best place to look is online.


New School Gear Can Greatly Improve a Child’s Attitude

My daughter loves the idea of getting new clothes and school supplies. Who wouldn’t? She gets a new knapsack each year. By the end of May, they’re usually worn out or at least worn down. No matter how expensive they are, the wear and tear of heavy books and other items take their toll on pockets, zippers and fabric. I don’t mind buying a new one each year. After all, it’s nice to start fresh with a stylish new bag. New supplies help to improve a child’s self-esteem. When they feel better about themselves, they will perform better academically. It’s a theory that makes perfect sense. New items always seem to work better, even knapsacks.

She wanted a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school, but I wasn’t sure if I could find one that would meet her approval. She’s starting to become choosier. I happened to hit the jackpot on our very first search. Shopping with my daughter isn’t usually as easy as it was when she was little, but she loved the following hot pink bag. It really is a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school. I love it too since the price was right, and the artwork is beautiful. It met my approval, and I was glad to be finished with that part of our shopping excursion.


A Pretty Pink Butterfly Backpack for School

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A Pretty Pink Butterfly Backpack for School is an Ed Hardy Exclusive

The Ed Hardy Shane Kid’s Backpack is the one that my daughter wanted. She chose it based on appearance, as most kids would, but it has many phenomenal features. Like I said, the price was great, and shipping was free with Prime Membership or a $35 order. We found one other Ed Hardy butterfly backpack, but she wanted the one pictured to the left to begin the school year. The colorful butterflies are gorgeous, and it seems like a very durable bag, especially for the price. To help you decide, I’ve included many of the product details and features of a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school.



Features and Details of the Ed Hardy Shane Kid’s Backpack

  • Dimensions are 16” high by 12.5” wide by 6.5” deep
  • Durable polyester fabric and polyester lined for easy cleaning
  • Padded and adjustable tightly-woven mesh straps for a comfortable fit
  • Embellished with an exclusive water-based Ed Hardy butterfly print
  • Sturdy top handle for carrying and hanging purposes
  • Closures cover the heavy-duty zippers
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Includes an extra front zippered pocket for additional storage


It’s a Designer Backpack at an Affordable Price

I expected to have to pay far more for a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school, especially a designer Ed Hardy bag. I’m also happy that the straps have plenty of padding. Kid’s schoolbooks and supplies can be quite heavy, and it should be a very comfortable knapsack to carry. Some are heavy before anything is ever added. It’s a highly rated backpack, and hopefully it doesn’t sell out before you get a chance to buy one for your child. The first day of school is right around the corner in most locations.

Currently only one is left, but you might still be able to get it!

Beautiful Butterfly Backpacks for School

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The Misha Butterfly Glitter Backpack is Also a Pretty Option

If it does sellout, consider another eye-catching Ed Hardy option. It was also one of my daughter’s favorites. It’s a gorgeous Ed Hardy Misha Butterfly Glitter Backpack in Violet Purple. As you can see from the photo on the right, it’s not a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school. The fabric is most definitely purple, but it includes pink details, and it’s pretty. It’s exceptionally glitzy for girls who love sparkles. It’s also very highly rated and will likely become another top seller. The price is phenomenal, and shipping is free with Prime Membership or a $35 order. Unlike the Ed Hardy Shane backpack that I mentioned above, the Misha Butterfly Glitter Backpack has two large pockets for everything from books to folders.


Don’t Forget Other Necessary Supplies

It won’t be hard to spend a total of $35 since I have many more items to buy for my daughter before school begins again. My daughter also needs a new reusable lunch sack, clothes, shoes, and numerous school supplies. I’d much rather shop at home from the comfort of my chair than battle last-minute shoppers. We would end up with a small selection to choose from and my daughter would likely have to settle for a basic backpack. We found a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school, but she would have loved to have the second option as well. I also found dozens of other butterfly backpacks. They weren’t all pink. I found blue, multi-colored bags, some with very realistic graphics and more. Maybe I’ll come back to order the second Ed Hardy option or a pretty pink butterfly backpack for school in another style, but for right now one is enough to get started.

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