A Snap Peek On Possible Ronaldo-Messi Team-up

An effective playmaking skill combined with a powerful scoring knack will undeniably result to victory. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect blend when thinking of managing a soccer team. So, with combining Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

What if someday people would be witnessing the two greatest soccer players playing in a same squad, hugging each other as they celebrate a goal? What an astonishing panorama in the pitch, isn’t it? But the question is would that become a reality?

Nobody knows.

If we are given a chance to see that scenario turns into a most awaited reality, would their fusion be the perfect recipe to taste victory for the team they are playing?

One thing to know that is to look into their compatibility with their abilities and other matter related.

First, let’s peek into CR7’s profile. Ronaldo, with his speedy pace and powerful shot, could kick in numerous goals when he has, and hardly has, a chance. Weakening his play is his greediness.  The Real’s striker will try to push through a defense even if he can’t get through. As a result, he is neglecting and wasting the position of other free players to score a goal.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi has the ability to magically outrun many defenders with his swift, calculated touch on the ball and the lightning-fast ability of changing direction. Also, Messi could kick in an incredible finesse shot whenever he has the opportunity. So, the Barca’s No. 10 has the more advantage when it comes to skill. Aside from that, unlike Cristiano, the Argentine striker will generously give the ball to his teammates when he thinks he can’t overcome the tough defense of their opponents, trying to stretch out and to create spaces for better chances to score a goal.

If the strengths of the two soccer Superstars will fuse, it would be definitely an ideal team for the coach who will handle them. Ronaldo with his powerful shot and Messi’s incredible playmaking. CR7 with his eagerness to score and The King’s generous and wise decision inside the court.

As we can see, Ronaldo would surely benefit the most when the team-up happens.

If it would become a reality, which team would they play for? Is it a team also in La Liga BBVA? MLS? Bundesliga? AFC? J-League? A-League?

For me, most probable is in the English Premier League.

What do you think?



image credit: pixabay.com

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