A Summer Breeze

A summer breeze in the twilight,

with sounds waiting to be heard.

A summer breeze in the evening,

with stories waiting to be told.

The summer breeze has no meaning, 

unless you feel it in your soul.

The summer breeze has no meaning 

if the wind is always ablow. 

In the summer sky i see stars twinkling

with light that burns so old, 

And the summer sky dances cheerily

Yet somehow makes me feel cold.

In the summer sky i see the future looking down at me

If you wait then you will see, Ill be the one i want to be.

And if the world is always falling 

Why should i even care???

And when the wold is burning ill be the only one there,

And while the sky is falling, and the stars are all in flames.

Ill wait for the end to come so the beginning can start again.



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