A Tribute to my Grandmother

Just remembering how wonderful my grandmother was. What a “remarkable woman.” She was so gifted and compassionate. Her character was passive. Never did she become angry. She was an educated. Graduated from FAMU and majored in Education. Taught at Booker T. High School. Her name was Cassie Mae. Bailey. Was the fourth child of five siblings. She taught English and Spanish. 

I remember her instructing some Spanish words. Espanol (Meaning Spanish in Spanish). So before even speak well. She would say the words and I would project some mumble jumble until I was able to speak. Before the age of 5 she would say phrases so that I would repeat the phrases. Must say I Tanikka Paulk was pretty intrigued by the Spanish words. 

Everywhere she went. Tanikka tagging along. We would go to the movies in Coral Gables. What a time. Enjoyed the plays and theater. Not bragging but she truly was a smart woman. Her mother which was my great grandmother put her and her two sisters through college at the same time. She married a soldier. A handsome man. My grand father broke her heart. A bad idea. Once my grandmother disconnects. She would not turn back. 

She taught in the Educational System for many years. She taught at a school that has been known for a long as tough. Of course it wasn’t the only school where she taught. She also taught at Northwestern Senior High School. She was a Miami Dade County Educator. The family is full Educators. Both of her sisters were Educators. The family consist of Educators and Law Enforcement Officers. A well balanced career system. 

Cassie was so caring and she constantly worried about her granddaughter.  Having only one would consist of a little spoiling. Between her and my great grandmother I was deeply loved. Both were caring and not just cared about their family members but for others. My grandmother was taught love even when she faced adversity. So I’ll often think about how wonderful she was. 

One day she was frowning up. She wouldn’t complain much so I knew something was wrong. She went into bathroom and she was taking her time. Of course curiosity struck. I simply had to know what was wrong with my grand mother. Well she had a soar near her breast area. I was immediately because the concern was that something was going on with my grandmother. She knew that something serious was going on there. 

Of course when a close family member is ill in some way. We may be in denial. I wasn’t the only one. My grandmother was as well. Finally she went to the doctor and the doctor came back with some disturbing news. He replied that my grandmother had breast cancer. He also communicated that she waited too long. 

So months went by. She attended her appointments and one day she was quite ill. The doctors performed a cat scan and discovered that the cancer had spread to the brain. She was strong and she promised that I would be able to brush her hair. I was excited to be able to brush the good hair that was left after the chemo. Well. One day my great grandmother came into the room and I hopped up and watch my great grandmother put the my grandmother’s medication on a spoon to administer and as she opened her mouth. My grandmother took her last breath. My great grandmother yelled her name over and over but she already transitioned. 

About 5 or 6 days later we had her funeral. She was so lovely but what a sad moment. The church was full. My grandfather didn’t at her request. It was a lovely home going but sad at the same time. Most of my time was spend with my great grandmother and grandmother so the lost was tremendous. Heaven certainly has an angel. Cancer is one of the most hideous conditions. Thank God her demise was peaceful. She didn’t moan. She just slept away. 

Love and Light Grandmother Cassie Mae. Bailey. 


Poetic Piece for Grandmother Cassie Mae. Bailey

The instructions that were shared is always within my care

Your love and dedication will never be forgotten

The time you took to care for me

To show me so much more than anyone who’ve I’ve adored

If you were here there’s so much I would need say

You’re missed each and everyday

Tears roll down because you’re so missed

But God needed you more so until we meet again

I’ll continue to think of the angel you were and still are

Poetic Piece Written By: Tanikka Paulk

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