A YouTube Alphabet Lesson (Sarcasm)

Looks funny, writes funny. Sucks teacher made us read.

A is for Adele and Ariana Grande.

B is for Beyonce and Beyonce formation.

C is for Chris Brown and Coldplay.

D is for Damn Daniel and Drake.

E is for Eminem and Ellen Degenerous.

F is for formation Beyonce and Fettywap.

G is for Game Grumps and G Eazy.

H is for Hello Adele and Hotline Bling.

I is for I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Took A Pill In Ibiza lyrics.

J is for Justin Bieber and Jacksepticeye.

K is for Kevin Gates and Kendrick Lamar.

Dudes’ funny beards! lmao.

L is for Love Yourself and Lil Wayne.

M is for Markiplier and Minecraft.

N is for Nicki Manaj and Nigahiga.

O is for One Direction and One Call Away Charlie Puth.

P is for Pewdiepie and Pillow Talk.

Q is for Queen and Qka Ka Shpija.

R is for Rihanna Work and Roman Atwood.

S is for Stressed Out 21 Pilots and Sorry Justin Bieber.

Don’t know. Sorry not sorry. Pass the blunt, dog.

T is for Taylor Swift and Try Not To Laugh.

U is for Uptown Funk and UFC.

V is for VanossGaming and Vines.

W is for Work Rihanna and WWE.

X is for X Gon Give It To Ya and X-Men Apocalypse trailer.

Y is for Young Thug and YouTube.

Z is for Zootopia and Zayn Malik.

Now I know my ABCs. Made me oh so wise and free.

Images from Pixabay.

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