‘ABC Poetry’ Letter of the Day ‘A’ : ABUSE


Inflicting pain,

physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally,

yes, they all have their names,

each act it’s own damaging stain.


A broom,a belt, a bat,

left, right, no hit missed

no escape from terror,

a child, a mother, a father, left to cry,

bruises hidden beneath cloth,

a face, a smile, two beautiful eyes,

a cry for help beneath it all.


Harsh words being said,

repeated daily with hate,

acceptance of being worthless,

love nonexistent,

another soul lost,

another word screamed in silence,

darkness sets in, hate words devour.


Footsteps getting close,

Pain fights anger wrapped up in fear,

hidden under the bed,

a silent cry, sound mute,

“No!” eyes speaking loud,

“shhh” it will all be over soon,

eyes closed and the end never comes.


Who could love me?

I’m not beautiful, smart or talented.

Abuse becomes belief,

day in and out that’s all one sees,

it’s heard but not spoken of,

felt but not acknowledged,

Abuse is hurt, hurt that stains.


Abuse by littlepen.bigwords


Do you know that thousands of kids, mothers and fathers are being abused daily, even right now as you read this poem an action of hate is being forced onto someone who has become defenceless because they live in fear every second of every day. Abuse is nothing to joke about and no one deserves to be abused. If you know anyone who is being abused or you yourself are being subjected to any form of abuse get help, it’s not okay to live in fear. Tomorrow can be better and if you are an abuser seek help yourself because abuse is life changing, life damaging and no one should have to endure abuse. Get help. For so many its too late but its not for you.


“Abuse is Hate, Love is the Cure.” – littlepen.bigwords

[Featured Image: Pixabay]

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