Add Pizzazz to Your Neutral Rooms with Accent Colours

You’ve just painted your living and dining room a fresh taupe/grey with slightly off white woodwork. It looks clean, subtle and very upscale. You purposely stayed away from your go-to colours of straw and/or soft greens and forced yourself to go classic.

You love it, you really do, but it needs something.You need to add pizazz to your neutral rooms with accent colours.Here’s how to make it work.

Consider the rest of your visible space

If it’s one open room and you also see the dining room you’re really going to need to use your superb scanning abilities to access the colour situation.You need to look at the entire space as a whole and take note of all the visible obvious colours in the area.

Say you have an olive green couch with some insignificant neutral cushions, but your wall paintings have great colour, and your matching fabric chairs have olive green and beige in them. So the most notabale colour is coming from those wall paintings. They have lots of sunsets and green foliage in them. Plus you also have a great picture on the wall of a yellow Dahlia. Then, in this case, you need go no further. To add pizzazz. you will find the right accents, right there on your walls.

Use the accent colours you have

In this case, to add pizzazz to your neutral rooms with accent colours, you’ll need to basically use the colours in those sunset and yellow dahlia paintings. These are the colours you already have.

You can add accent colour with:                               

Add pizzazz to your neutral rooms with accent colours

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  • new covers over your old cushions
  • toss pillows or cushions
  • a runner or small table cover
  • a vase or plant with coloured flowers
  • wall hangings or paintings 

So you could either toss those plain pillows or add to them by picking up  the wow in that sunset picture with fabulous new ones in tangerine, pink,shrimp, red or soft yellow. 

But if your couch and chairs have colour,be sure to pay attention  as you wouldn’t want to add a shrimp coloured toss pillow to an orange couch or a bright green to an olive green. Sometimes a multi-coloured toss will bring all your single colours together, like the cushion cover shown on the right. 

Once you’ve decided on your accent colours you could also add a vase with some orange, yellow, shrimp,pink or a combination thereof to bring in those sunset and yellow shades, delight the eye and confirm the colour. An unspoken rule is to always repeat the colour at least twice to make it look like a plan and finish the effect.                                                             


Add pizzazz to your neutral rooms with accent colours

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If you’re neutral all around

But say your freshly painted neutral walls are accompanied by a similarly neutral couch and chairs. Even your cushions are pretty plain and your paintings and pictures are unremarkable in colour, except for one with a red rose. Well, flee to that gorgeous red rose for dear life and for council, and purchase some lovely red cushions. 

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Now your basic colours are red and taupe-grey.

Well, here you could go all out and dare to add one or two more colours of cushions that go terrific with red and taupe. You could add bright yellow or lime green or turquoise. Any or all of these colours will go just fine with your two main colours of red and taupe.

But, if you’re conservative, the red with the taupe has its own subtle beauty so you could add some red roses or other red flowers to keep it a two-tone classic. Or even just a touch of turquoise- but repeat it twice so it confirms the colour. Think of that bright, rich red with taupe/grey topped off wiht a touch of turquoise- Gorgeous!

However, if you didn’t have that obvious red rose painting on the wall- you’re free to choose some accents of your own. Two is great but three is fine too. Just repeat the colour of at least one of them in something else, and be sure to consider which accent colour you will enjoy living with, as well as, which one will go well with your overall neutral shade.

A last word

This article is meant as a guide on how to add pizzazz to your neutral rooms with accent colours. Remember, whenever  you look at those home style magazines, it looks like anything goes-but those colours are well planned. Each colour is added because it feeds off other colours and creates a beautiful affect.

Colour makes everyone happy and always feels upbeat. Following these few tips will make you a pro and help you to accent your home and colour your life!

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