What are the Advantages of EC Council Ethical Hacker Certification?

The EC-Council provides many courses and certifications in cyber security, forensic investigation, network defense, and many other similar fields. One of the most useful and sought after qualifications is ethical hacker training, available. It is a quick course but one that provides a necessary skill that can prepare many IT professionals for successful and well-paying careers, which also go far towards keeping nations and private citizens safe.

What Does an Ethical Hacker Do?

An ethical, or white hat, hacker is described by PC World as probing computer systems and networks to detect and prevent data theft and fraud. By thinking in the same ways that illegal or ‘black hat’ hackers do, they can spot flaws in the security system, correct them, and keep the illegal hackers out.

Why EC Council?

EC Council certification in ethical hacking is a practical, lab based course that sets professionals up to deal with problems in a real work place environment. Using dummy software intended to replicate a real system, students can see for themselves how it is done and learn how to use it themselves. It is one of the most popular courses of its kind as it prepares students for these real world situations, including many that other courses don’t cover. It is also consistently updated to meet new upgrades to computer technology, such as hacking using mobile devices, and new techniques thought up by black hat hackers.

Other advantages of the course is that it can be completed in only five days from a number of training centers throughout the globe. This makes it ideal for those just completing their studies and looking to enter the field or those who want a career change and need to balance the course around their personal lives.

Skills Developed

As well as becoming qualified in ethical hacking and cyber security, Tom’s IT Pro lists the following skills developed from this course:

  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Common sense
  • Organization
  • Judgement
  • Working under pressure
  • Ethics
  • Mathematics

Career Development

As well as cyber security in governments, military, and major business and banks, an ethical hacker qualification can help an IT professional in multiple career paths. IT Career Finder says that typical job titles for those with the certification include penetration tester, network security specialist, security consultant, site administrator, and auditor. All of these careers can pay between $50,000 to $100,000 per year as a starting salary, even more with additional experience. Combined with a degree and some relevant experience in a chosen field, it can make it easy to enter the job market and land a dream position. With illegal hacking frequently making the headlines and an increased demand for cyber security personnel, now is the ideal time to take the course, gain this necessary qualification, and start making good money in a field that benefits many people’s safety.

If you think that a career as an ethical hacker is perfect for you, contact a course administrator today who can tell you more and get your application process started. It could be the first stepping stone towards a lucrative career that actually makes a difference in the world.


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