The Aesthetics of Greek Pottery

The art and aesthetics of Greek pottery is admired even today. Some of the beautiful vases and the hand painted vases belong to the Greek period. There is no doubt that our ancestors were artists with brains. They could innovate and create with whatever science and technology of that time could afford. They would not interfere with nature destructively and that’s what we need to learn from our forefathers while creating new products.

Greek Key Vase In Hand Decorated Porcelain
Greek Key Vase In Hand Decorated Porcelain

Greeks craftsmanship involved a wide usage of clay. They might not had the luxury of glass and plastic and that was perhaps for the best. Earthen clay pots do not cause pollution as plastic does. The artists made pots and vases from the burnt clay which was found in abundance. The end product –the fired clay is robust and waterproof, it will not get broken easily.

The Greek pottery is famous even today and we can understand how busy it would have made the Greek potters in those ancient days. Not only did they make ornamental amphoras out of it, they made anything that could be used for daily usage such as containers, buckets, jewellery boxes and pitchers. The handcrafted and hand-painted Greek pottery in museums is still revered to this date.

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