Air Drying 4A Hair- Products for Short Ethnic Hair

If you are thinking of air drying 4a hair, one of the best tools for you to invest in is a wide tooth comb. This simple but essential tool will save you lots of breakage and stress. Use the comb to detangle your hair as soon as you can after washing it. If you prefer, you can do that right after you rinse out your conditioner.

Air Drying 4A Hair- Products for Short Ethnic Hair
Use the following with your hair to get good results every time you air dry your hair:
Air Dry Foam by John Frieda
Black Castor Oil by Jamaican Mango and Lime
Oribe Curl Gloss

Air Drying 4A Hair- Nubian Knots
Twist your hair into loose Nubian knots/Bantu knots so it does not get tangled again after you detangle each section. You can also use the T3 featherweight 2 dryer if you want to speed up the process. This dryer is actually said to be healthier than air drying hair.

Bantu Knots/ Nubian Knots

Using these products along with your wide tooth comb really helps to get the tangles out quickly. You can use one product that works best for you or a combination of products that deliver the results that you want. Some of them save a lot of time when you work them through your hair, starting from the roots and working to the ends.


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