All myths busted about boarding schools

Most parents are stereotypical about sending their kids off to a boarding school. They fear that their child will be yelled at and kept under extreme discipline but all this is not true. They also fear that they will not be able to contribute much during their growing years and an emotional gap will eventually develop in between them. Hence, in this blog, we will be busting the myths associated with boarding schools.

Contrary to the popular belief, boarding schools can make your child grow in the right direction. Here are some reasons why you should send your kid to a boarding school.  

Are Boarding school teachers strict?

The answer to the above question is NO! Boarding school teachers are not strict but disciplined. Most of the teachers have advanced degrees and have excelled in their subjects. Boarding schools have some of the coolest teachers, who will not only help students in their classes but also help them to grow into a good human being.

Boarding schools are very expensive

One of the main reasons why parents think too much before sending their child to a boarding school is because they consider these to be extremely expensive. Boarding schools provide discounts if parents have more than one child attending the school. For further help they also allow parents to pay tuition bills twice a year as it helps them in saving. For instance, international schools in Noida provide discount to students who are not economically affluent.  

Students studying in boarding schools do not value relationship

Many people think that students who have studied in a boarding school do not value family relationship. But this is not the case. Once a student starts living with people of their own age group they realize the importance of family and at the same time they learn about respecting and being friendly with the people of their own age group. The socialization of relationships is built by family style meals and the relaxation time fellow students spend time with each other in the common room. Some boarding schools also sport a house system in which students across grades and age levels unite with each other and take part in various activities

We hope that through this article we have busted many myths associated with boarding schools and parents will rethink about sending their kids to boarding.

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