Alt-right Celebrates their Victory

Keep Love Alive

Outside the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon

Alt-right celebrates their Victory. A meeting of the order of Alt-right are shown making Nazi gestures and yelling “Hail, Trump” They are taking their white only country back. Living in the past when white males ruled over all. Don’t include white women in this, they are still oppressed by their movement too.

It is not our duty to turn over our great country to a man who is a bigot, bully, and misogynist. It is our duty to do everything we can to get him to either resign or to be watch dogged the whole of his presidency. This is the election that American’s got wrong. Poor Hillary, the most experienced who should be getting ready to run this country, is sitting in a room, defeated. It’s just where white men want her, silenced. It was more a war on women than anything else. The attack on Planned Parenthood, Roe Vs Wade, a war that will prevent women getting wage equity, it’s dead. Dead to the baby boomer women who have worked 40 years at 76 cents on the dollar, and yet our own daughters and fellow women voted down the woman who could have changed all that. All for a bully, boosting, old white dude.

The world is horrified, and worried, the world is just as mortified as the rest of us in this country. Trump tapped into the anger of white men who feel they are being infringed upon by people of color and women. Women were getting too uppity, too empowered. And they saw to it that we were silenced.

In spite of Hillary nearly breaking that glass ceiling, the ceiling is the old white dudes who took their country back. Infused with fear and hate, Trump manipulated them and he said all the right (wrong)things.These white men, who enjoyed decades of having the silver spoon of privilege, is now upset that they have to compete with people of color and women.

We all must stand together and denounce Trump, he will never be my President, ever. It will be a long four years.
For all those who voted for him, but thought Hillary would win, well now you have your narrow President. Hate crimes are up, Trump stirred up more hate than anyone, ever in the history of this country.

To those who voted this monster in, I hope you can live with yourselves.

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