Alt-right gets it wrong in Charlotteville, ya think?

Alt-right gets it wrong in Charlotteville, ya think? It’s time for each American to choose the side you’re on, either you side with the racists or you don’t. It’s that simple. On what side of the street would you have been on that day? Would you have carried a torch and a big stick, or wore a helmet with intentions of violence? Would you have worn a KKK hood or long sticks and bats, intending to use them on people trying to stop your hate speech?

Trump showed his true colors by omitting the words “White Nationalists, White supremacists, KKK, Nazi’s and the Alt-right He tried to equate both groups present there as the same. People protesting their hate speech were not to blame. Is Trump going to start today being a human being, and have some compassion? Is he going to get Bannon out of our White House? Then, Donald comes out today with that speech that was obviously written by someone else. And he mentions all the groups except the alt-right. You could tell he was uncomfortable saying the words. The old white boys club is running thing in Washington DC.

And this “White Nationalist Rally”, they are planning to take it to other cities? Coming soon to a town near you! Are we going to allow these hate mongers, the “hate anyone who isn’t white” the old white dudes who are so upset that they are not the majority anymore? The slogan “Make America Great Again” boils down to that they want America to go back to the days when whites ruled and anyone who wasn’t a white male, (this includes subjugating women) isn’t welcoming here.

Look what our President said for years, that Obama wasn’t a legitimate President. Wasn’t that a hate crime? And he gets elected by this group of mostly white people who are so unhappy that people of color, women, and gays are becoming empowered in our society. His campaign encouraged that people turn on each other. Remember him saying he’d like to punch that guy in the face to a protester at one of his rally’s. He woke up the sleeping giant of hate and they got him elected. No one was more surprised that he won than himself, he said, “I became President, do you believe it?” No, Donald, I can’t believe it. People should be standing up against this bully.

Look at the way Donald Trump yelled and insulted every Presidential candidate, how he mortified other Republicans but then they laid down with him. They too are responsible for this continuance of this mockery called President Trump. How he degraded Hillary and conspired with Russia to leak damaging information about her. So that he would win, it’s all about winning isn’t it Donald? The world is laughing at us, the world turns away from him, you can see it in the eyes of their government’s leaders. He insults disabled people, he puts down John McCain by saying he isn’t a hero, he bullies and bolsters himself every chance he gets. My God, he might get us into a nuclear war, I live in Oregon and when they say that N.Korea’s leader will soon have an ability to launch a nuke at the West Coast. Is anyone listening to how insane this is?

Donald Trump continues to show us how everything he says is poison. He is partly responsible for what is happening in this country. Where people are pitted against each other. He won’t get away with it. I think he should be impeached? What do you think?

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